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If You Think You Can’t Sport A Man Purse, This Is THE Post To Read

If You Think You Can’t Sport A Man Purse, This Is THE Post To Read

   Mithun Kumar

We know it can be difficult for go-getters to spare some time to pay heed to sartorial technicalities. That’s also why we carrying all the essentials in a bag is the most practical option for a non-stop hustler. A man purse, as it’s called, is a highly functional accessory that can up one’s style quotient easily. Whether you prefer a sling over a backpack or you’re a through and through one-shoulder bag person, rely on our advice to add that touch of vogue to your bag preference. So here goes, check out four easy ways to style a man purse.

Sport A Fanny Pack

Your dad’s go-to accessory from back in the day has been atop the man purse list for a while now. Style this Kim Jones-approved fanny pack with a minimal t-shirt, a bomber jacket, distressed denims and a pair of trainers to achieve a laid-back look on casual outings.Experiment more with how you style your fanny pack; wear it across your torso instead of wearing it around your waist.

How to style your fanny pack with a bomber jacket and a pair of trainers

Work A Backpack RN 

Backpacks never go out of style, because obviously it’s a bag of comfort. Which is why you should style your sweatpants and sweatshirt with a backpack,for days when you have to grind harder. Go for a faux leather bag with detailing to make your outfit look more dressy.

How to style your backpack with sweatshirt and sweatpants

Say Yes To A Bowling Bag 

We love a pair of slack pants with clean details and if you share our love for details that do all the talking then pair your slacks with a bowling bag, t-shirt and oxford shoes. Go for a monogrammed bowling bag if you want it to be the stand out piece or go for one in the same colour as your outfit if you’re going for monochrome.Remember, the charm of your look is in the details, so make sure you wear something subtle with a good finish.

How to style your bowling bag with slack pants and t-shirt

Lug Around A Messenger Bag 

This look consists of a tee with a pair of trousers and layered with a denim jacket. When sporting a messenger bag, we suggest you try a canvas or technical fabric bag. Wear a cap that complements the tee, and the bag must balance out with the all the pieces of your ensemble.

How to style your messenger bag with a denim jacket and a cap