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3 Effortless Ways To Style A Maxi Skirt For Any Occasion

3 Effortless Ways To Style A Maxi Skirt For Any Occasion

When we speak of understated items in our closet we often mean clothes that are buried beneath a pile of outfits in the closet. Then there are other pieces that were once bought for a specific event but never see the light of the day. One such item is the once-trendy-now-forgotten maxi skirt. We often undermine this great transitional piece, one that’s perfect for days when you’re not very comfortable showing off your leg.
The 70s favourite maxi skirt is a versatile piece of clothing in every women’s wardrobe. And we’ve got to say that we want you to utilise it to its maximum potential. Whether it’s pleated, flowy, metallic or made out of denim, there is a way to make all of them work for you.

Casual Day Look

Usually for a daytime look we opt for something breezy, easy to style and carry off when on a brunch date or even to run errands. Maxi skirts serve exactly the same purpose, and even more. Style it with a round neck t-shirt that’s tucked in, or even a crop top. You can even add suspenders to your maxi skirt to get a ‘back-to-school’ vibe. Tank tops are also great for a laid-back look when completed with flats or sneakers.

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The Workwear Outfit

Maxi skirt as workwear often raises a few questions. But when styled appropriately, it’s hard to see why one would not make it a 9-to-5 staple. We say a few inches make all the difference and that must be incorporated when trying a maxi skirt to work. Throw over a blazer on a casual t-shirt or blouse for a sleek feminine look. On a casual Friday, try a graphic maxi skirt with a tucked in top. Another tip would be to style it with a shirt (solid coloured or striped) that has a front knot.

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Easy Evening Look

Conservative hemlines don’t restrict the appeal of maxi skirts. This flirty piece can leave you feeling uber-feminine and sophisticated. Also, we think that it can be your go-to date night outfit. Wear a sequined skirt with a sheer top to bring that sexy back.

Pic Credit: Pinterest