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3 Checkered Shirt Styling Ideas You Probably Never Thought Of

3 Checkered Shirt Styling Ideas You Probably Never Thought Of

An essential for most men, the checkered shirt can never truly go out of fashion. There’s a range of checkered options from gingham checks, Madras checks to the tartan and the windowpane checks. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this piece of garment is a total investment. You probably already own a a number of them in several colours. Find out how you can wear this wardrobe staple with our styling guide.

How to wear a checkered shirt
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Layer like a cool guy

A perfect layering piece, the checkered shirt over a white t-shirt is one of the most popular looks. Don’t just stick to the white tee, instead we urge you guys to play around and experiment with different hues. Carry this look to the movies or go bowling with your friends as it’s both cool and comfortable an outfit. Throw a snapback cap or a fedora to ace the cool guy style with this checkered shirt.

 Power dress like a dapper

No formal attire is complete without a dash of checks. Checkered shirts over blazers can take a rather casual look to a more formal look. Suit up with a checkered shirt under it and trust us that you won’t go wrong with this one. Finish off the look with a pair of brogues that complement your outfit. Add accessories like a pocket square or bow tie if you’re heading to a formal party or event.

‘Old school’ like a hot nerd

Show off your bright checks from under a lightweight sweater or a warm knit sweater on a wintry day. Go old school with a subtle-hued sweater or reach out for brighter colours to add a peppy vibe. Nail the nerdy look with a pair of glasses and a tan satchel bag.