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3 Ways To Style Shorts So You Don’t Look Like A Boy

3 Ways To Style Shorts So You Don’t Look Like A Boy

We bet you’ve all worn shorts as ‘boys’. But how many of you have stopped sporting the look as soon as you’ve turned a ‘man’? If not all of you, we bet some of you have. Shorts are a basic piece of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. Nothing yells ‘casual’ and ‘comfort’ like a pair of shorts. With the monsoon fast approaching, there’s no other garment like a pair of shorts to avoid that damp and mucky feeling.

Men today are seen sporting the garment, and we just don’t see what you’re waiting for. While shorts do give off a casual vibe, it can also be worn to a Sunday brunch or a date night. It can even be sported when attending a friend’s birthday party for that matter. Unsure how to sport the look without seeming like a 13 year old? Let WODROB show you how.

The Tuck-In And Jacket Look

No, you cannot wear a pair of your basketball shorts or football shorts to a luncheon. Which is why you need to start buying relatively long shorts that don’t make you look like you’re about to sit in the crowd for a game. Start purchasing pieces that you can wear without worrying about showing too much skin. As far as styling is concerned, pair navy blue shorts with a white tee and throw on a denim jacket to sport a casual look. Add a pair of sneakers; you can also team it up with a pair of open sandals or loafers. If you’re one to tuck your tee into your shorts, opt for a black tee with a pair of khaki or military-print cotton shorts.

Shirting It Up

While we know you absolutely love tees, there’s no harm in amping up your look by layering it with a shirt. Shirts are an extremely versatile piece of clothing when it comes to styling. You can wear it with a pair of formal pants and make it look pretty classy. When it comes to styling shorts, add a shirt to exude a semi-formal vibe. What’d be our best styling idea you ask? We love a pair of navy shorts added with a breezy white shirt and a pair of tan loafers. You can even use your shirt as a throw-over on a white tee if you like experimenting. Go on, try it out!

Blazers Done Right

We can’t tell you how much women dig this look. It’s an all-time favourite. Take that old blazer out for a spin to either a movie or when on a date, but with a pair of shorts. Yes, you can pair a blazer with shorts without looking too ‘over-done’. That’s the great thing about shorts, it helps balance out a look evenly. How’s it done? Choose a pair that is just a few inches above your knee. If you like going simple in terms of styling, opt for a solid colour. In case you’re looking to experiment a little, choose checkered shorts. Pair it with a plain tee and layer it with a navy or grey blazer to complete the look. You can team this with a pair of white sneakers or even loafers. Add a pair of sunnies…and boy (we mean men) you’re going to be attracting ’em ladies for sure.

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