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Have You Tried The KonMari Method To Declutter Your Closet?

Have You Tried The KonMari Method To Declutter Your Closet?

An organised closet is an organised mind. At least that’s what we at WODROB live by. A messy cupboard not only leads to your OCD kicking in but also leaves you looking shabby every morning. A tidy closet, on the other hand, lets you access all that’s in your wardrobe hassle-free and makes mundane Mondays less stressful.

Since we are all about closet management (and you already know that), we scoured the Internet to give you some tidy-inspiration. And that’s when we stumbled upon The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way To Banish Clutter Forever by Marie Kondo. Well, for those of you who are unaware, Marie is an organising consultant who developed an affinity to ‘tidying up’ at the age of five. By when she was 15, she created the KonMari Method, which is a technique to simplify, declutter and organise the home. The Japanese method is perfect for those of you who cannot stand an untidy home or a wardrobe? Want to know how to organise your closet with the KonMari Method. Well, read on… we’ve simplified the steps for you.

How To Organise?

Kondo’s methodology states that organising has order and simplicity to it. For example, if you have a few things of the same type, organise it all together. This helps avoid clutter and unnecessary accumulation of items. It also saves money on ‘storage’ gadgets. If you’re one to get attached to a product easily, the KonMari method honours your possessiveness as well and helps you declutter accordingly. What’s best? If you follow the technique set out by Kondo, you will realise that you are left with things that you cherish the most.

How To Implement The KonMari Method?

Looking to simplify your life? We’ve listed out the seven easy steps to help you organise the closet:

Step 1. Tidy It In One Go
Don’t start with ‘bits’ and ‘slots’. Get right to it and get done with it in one smooth shot. You are allowed to take your time because no one’s rushing you.

Step 2. Visualise Your Goals
It is important to figure out what kind of lifestyle you want to lead. Visualise what you want your state of mind to be. Also, set short-term goals such as ‘I want a mess-free life’ or ‘I want to put the past behind me and move on’. This process is best for those of you who’re moving out of one phase of life (for e.g; college) only to enter a new one (maybe work).

Step 3. Question Yourself
To understand your needs, ask yourself ‘why’ when it comes to keeping an item in your closet or even when you are thinking of getting rid of it.

Step 4. Keep What Gives You ‘Sparks Of Joy’
While Kondo might be all about parting with things you don’t need, she also emphasises on keeping the things you cherish. Parting with things leaves us feeling empty. Which is why it is important to balance it out by holding on to things from your closet that you really want.

Step 5. Tidy By Category
…and not by location. Most women have a zillion items in their closet that cater to a similar category: pants, tops, dresses, so on. The easy way to organise your closet is to start category-wise. Go through all your items in the same method. This will help you realise what you have and what you lack in the closet.

Step 6. Follow A System
Make categories and sub-categories if you have to. First of all, get your clothes sorted. Then organise your shoes. Post this, get started with the accessory department, and finally move to all the knick-knacks that are left behind.

Step 7. Get Rid Of It All NOW
Once you’re done organising, it’s time to chuck out what you think you don’t need. Less is more sometimes, girls and remember, more the empty space, more room for shopping!

“Tidying up means confronting yourself,” Kondo writes in chapter one of Spark Joy. Come on now, it is time to confront yourself and that messy cupboard of yours.