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Want To Look Parisian Chic? Here’s How You Should Wear A Beret

Want To Look Parisian Chic? Here’s How You Should Wear A Beret


Unlike popular belief, the beret, a current IT-accessory courtesy the French, was not a fashion statement from the start. From being a traditional headgear to an artist’s patent accessory, this hat has seen its ups and downs in the sartorial scene. Now a couture piece, the visorless hat that was popularised by celebrities like Brigitte Bardot is a must-try by the fashion folk.

How to style a beret
Bella Hadid, Pinterest; Sonja, Retro Sonja; Miroslava Duma, Pinterest

While it can elevate an outfit to another level, when not worn in the right way it can make you look sloppy as well. Want to try the trend and look ‘beret’ stylish? We at WODROB have decided to shed some light on how you should and shouldn’t be wearing this classic yet cute accessory.


1. The key to wearing the beret correctly is to sport it such that it’s puffed-up right. If your beret is too inflated, you might be at a risk of looking like a muffin. It’s important to keep the top of the hat ducked down and maintain just a slight puff.

2. The proper way to wear a beret is to place it right above the forehead. Position this hat such that it sits along the hairline on your forehead. A beret with a tight brim works best as it will stay put.

3. When wearing it, always start by positioning the beret right in the centre of your head. Then, work your way by tilting it slightly towards whichever side seems more comfortable for you.


1. Try not to pull the beret too far away from your hairline. While the beret shouldn’t look inflated, it is important that it doesn’t end up looking flat on your head. When you pull it back to a great extent, you end up losing the unique shape of the beret.

2. Another no-no when wearing a beret is to try not to place it too in front. Not only will this look like the beret cuts across your forehead, it won’t flatter the face either.

3. When sporting a beret, try not to position it at the back of your head. This placement will certainly remind you of a shower cap. Try and slope the beret slightly to the back, while the brim rests at the roots of your hair.