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This Is Your Ultimate Guide To Wearing A Bodycon Dress

This Is Your Ultimate Guide To Wearing A Bodycon Dress

If the thought of wearing a bodycon is seemingly too distant let us change that perception for you. Whether you are exceptionally thin or curvaceous, believe us when we say that anyone can pull off the bodycon dress. We understand that it’s a style most women contemplate wearing (yes, even we’ve hesitated earlier). However, there’s no time like NOW to say yes to this dress.

The ‘body conscious’ also known as the bodycon dress is one that feels like a second layer of skin. Well, at least that’s how it should be. It’s not difficult to go wrong with styling this dress. In fact, fashion faux pas is a huge possibility here. But, that’s where we come to help you out. Be it impressing your date or just going all out on a girls’ night, the bodycon dress will garner you compliments and who doesn’t love attention (we sure do). Browse through our 4 simple ways of styling this figure-hugging trend to try it the next time you step out in one.

Cinch The Waist

First off, remember to always buy a bodycon that helps show off your best body feature. If you go wrong purchasing the right size, that could lead to a huge woe. Now, coming to ‘cinching’, it’s no secret that we women are experts when it comes to concealing what we want to. Be it in makeup or clothing, we know when to use a concealer or go high-waisted. Then, why not when you’re uneasy in a bodycon? If you’re not comfortable wearing a bodycon that reveals a little more than you want to, cover up with a thick-waisted belt. If you think that the bodycon isn’t giving you a curvaceous look you’ve dreamed of, try cinching it with an elaborate belt. Wondering why you hadn’t thought of something this simple? Well we’re wondering too.
WM Tip: Dresses with thick side panels will also do the same job as a belt.

Layer Up Or Accessorise

If you think it might be getting to risque and want to take away all the attention, accessorise. Add a chunky neckpiece or statement earrings to pull the attention elsewhere than your body-hugging dress. You can even tie your jacket around your waist for a casual outing if you want to hide away the curves. Shoes? Yes shoes too can also be a great accessory to add to your bodycon. Wear a pair of funky sneakers or really attractive heels (all heels are attractive, we know that) to complete your look. Love bags like we do? Carry a bright envelope clutch the next time you wear a bodycon to a night out. You can also carry a tote if you’re off to brunch. Sold on the accessorising? We hope!

 Minimise… Just Minimise

We don’t have to tell you that the bodycon dress is a showstopper by itself. You already knew that right? If you’re comfortable wearing the bodycon as is, without wanting to accessorise or layer, then you’ve already got yourself a winner. While you’ll be displaying those curves, we bet you won’t need anything to scream ‘you’ve arrived’. The dress will do that for you. So, here’s our advice. Keep it minimal. That’s it? Yes, that’s it. Let your dress and a pair of heels speak volumes this time around. Now, since you are going minimal and may be are insecure about your body, choose dresses made of a thicker fabric instead. This will help accentuate just the right bit. Also, if you’re one not to shy away from showing some skin, go in for a cut-out bodycon dress or an off-shouldered one. It’ll obviously be a headturner.

Choose Darker Neutrals

Shy to show those curves? Choose dark neutrals like black, mocha, tan (we can go on) to effortlessly flaunt your figure without any worry. Not only are these hues in vogue but are timeless too. It will help convert your bodycon into a classic. These darker neutrals help keep things simple. Also, it’s no secret that darker colours have a slimming effect. If you’re one to opt for lighter shades, choose neutrals like baby pinks, nude, sand, and cream to do the trick.
WM Tip: A long black bodycon dress will not only give you a slimming effect but also virtually make you look taller. Who knew?!