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Everyone’s Wearing The Fanny Pack So Here Are 3 Ways You Can Sport It Too

Everyone’s Wearing The Fanny Pack So Here Are 3 Ways You Can Sport It Too

If you grew up as a 90s kid, more often than not you’d have noticed either your dad or uncle sport a tiny bag that was cinched by a belt and worn around their waist. And if luck had it, on your family vacations your mother might have ensured you partake in the touristy-custom as well. Many of us might have even looked down upon this belted pouch that’s called the bum bag aka fanny pack. In fact, some of us (yours truly) may even have categorised it with Crocs. But well, like they say, everything that was once in vogue and has then been dissed often slips into its sartorial comeback phase. And that’s exactly what the fanny pack has been experiencing for two seasons now. The style stars (Rihanna, Jacqueline Fernandez, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, the likes) have given their verdict and we think the fanny pack has now been elevated to a statement-making piece. In hindsight, there are many advantages: it’s tiny, convenient to carry, takes the load off your shoulders. Oh, and now you have a reason to refuse the ones who ALWAYS assume you’ll lug their stuff around as they walk bag-free. So here goes, WODROB’s take on how to carry that fanny pack. All these looks, curated by our in-house stylist, work for different occasions. Happy styling!

 With Pinstripe Trousers

If you thought the pinstripe printed pant was your formal go-to piece, we’ll change that view by giving it a casual feel. Wear a pinstripe trouser with a ribbed, cut-out crop top, and add a pair of metallic sneakers as well as a chic cap to the look. Work that fanny pack for an ‘off to see The Louvre’ vibe on a bright morning. This can also double up as a too-busy-to-carry-a-bag look especially for professionals (Event Managers, Producers) who are constantlon the go during their work hours. You guys can swap the cut-out top for a simple tee, and let go of that cap.

Wear A Fanny Pack With A Pinstripe Trouser

Tally Weijl Top | Mango Trousers | Truffle Collection Trainers | H&M CapStyle 98 Fanny Pack


With A Leather Skirt

Remember all the times you’ve been to a nightclub and received a dirty look from the girl on the dance floor because you (probably unknowingly) hurt her with your sling bag. Then after you’ve placed your bag on the table, you’re almost always torn between ‘I must dance like no one’s watching’ and ‘Let me check if my bag is safe.’ Oh, the dilemma! Which is why: introducing the fanny pack. Sport a tasselled version of the bum bag with a leather skirt that’s in your closet and a chic sweatshirt (you can skip this for something dressy too if the party demands). A pair of tie-up (yes, it’s trending) flatforms and a camo cap, and you’re sorted.

Wear A Fanny Pack With A Leather Skirt

Mango Sweatshirt | Forever New Skirt | Velvet Army Shoes | Flexifit Cap | Forever 21 Bag 

With A Slip Dress

If you’re looking for an all-out 90s feel on a Sunday morning, here’s a look for you. Work a floral slip dress with a tie-back styled choker, and a pair of suede booties. Fall-ready, kind of! Also, that bum bag is what you need for when you want to go arm candy-free. Accessorise with a chunky watch. We promise you’ll be a headturner with this one.

Wear A Fanny Pack With A Maxi Dress

Mango Dress | Forever 21 BootiesFossil Watch | Style Fiesta Choker |  Lunatik Fanny Pack

The looks in this article have been curated by Sheena Chandwani