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Guys, Here’s How To Wear Baggy T-Shirts Without Looking Like You Just Don’t Care

Guys, Here’s How To Wear Baggy T-Shirts Without Looking Like You Just Don’t Care

More often than not, most sartorialists will stay away from advising you to go for anything less than the perfect fit. But if you’re one of those who loves anti-fits, well we can make an exception. We do like baggy clothes for how relaxed it can feel and also how stylish it can look. While it is conventionally assumed that a snug fit is just perfect, the same rule doesn’t quite apply to everyone’s most-loved fashion piece, the versatile tee. In fact, most guys will always have a bunch of baggy tees lying in their closets that they rarely wear for the fear of looking either boho or hobo. You’ve probably seen someone pull off a baggy t-shirt effortlessly (Kanye… Kanye!!!) and considered to follow suit but never actually had the confidence to. Relatable much? Then we’ve got some styling tips to help you look dapper in those baggy t-shirts. 

Pay heed to the anti-fit  

T-shirts that are designed to look baggy is not the same as slim tees that are about two sizes bigger. Remember, there’s a huge difference between anti-fit or baggy clothes and bigger-sized clothes. If you think you can pass off a snug-fit tee in a size or two larger as ‘baggy’, here’s what will happen… the difference will clearly show and it’ll look ill-fitting. Want your baggy tee to look supremely stylish? We suggest you go for a fit that’s relaxed.

Wear an anti-fit baggy tshirt and not two sizes bigger
Pics: Lee Young Kyoon/Pinterest; Pinterest; Kanye/Pinterest

Pair it with slim-fit pants 

Baggy jeans with baggy tees is an almost-disastrous combination (when styled wrong). If you’re not confident about this look, we suggest you better leave it untried. Wear your baggy t-shirt with slim-fitting jeans or trousers and sport it with sneakers rather than dressy shoes. For a casual, cool kid look, team it up with cuffed ankle-length jeans, sneakers, nerdy glasses and a backpack. If you’re the experimental kind, tuck your anti-fit tee into a pair of pants of the same colour (co-ord FTW).

It's best to wear a baggy tshirt with a slim fit jeans
Pics: Dany Dos Santos/Instagram; Justin Bieber/Pinterest; Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2016 Menswear/Pinterest

Layer it up

Layering is the key to make a baggy tee look dressy. We suggest you go for denim pieces, leather jackets or even plaid shirts to layer your baggy t-shirt, and team it up with distressed denim. If it’s colder outside, trade your jacket for a coat. Accessorise with a pair of stylish sneakers. Alternatively, you can wear your baggy t-shirt with a bomber jacket. If you don’t mind taking a risk in the sartorial department, wear your baggy tee under a Hawaiian print shirt (calling this out as this year’s major trend).

Layer a baggy tshirt to look great
Pics: Longchenti Hanso Longchar/Wearabout; Ranveer Singh/Pinterest; Lemaire Fall 2018 Menswear/Pinterest