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3 Ways To Rock Florals If You’re A Non-Girly Girl

3 Ways To Rock Florals If You’re A Non-Girly Girl

We’re on the brink of monsoon and the harsh summer has almost left us behind, but we can’t help reminisce the florals we sported throughout summer. Now let’s be honest, we’re bound to not let florals go for a while! In fact, we bet most of you have already emptied your pockets buying that floral off-the-shoulder dress or a flouncy skirt. But for those who aren’t the typical girly girl, do you ever wonder how to sport that floral dress you were gifted without clashing with your personality. If you’ve kept your distance from all things floral this season because you’re not a girly girl, we assure you that you’ve come to the right place.
Yes, florals can be extremely ‘girly’ especially when it comes to the colours used. And while we may love the black rose, seldom will you see one on a breezy crop top. Too many flowers ain’t your thing? We get you, girl. And that’s why we’ve got you three ways to wear florals without looking too girly.

Opt For Boxy Silhouettes

We won’t disagree, florals do help give off a feminine vibe. That doesn’t mean it cannot be balanced out to match your tomboyish personality. Choose a flowery dress in an oversized A-line silhouette, one that won’t be body-hugging or will show off your itty-bitty waist. This way you can rock the floral trend without looking too feminine. You can also pair the dress with a slip-on for a lunch or even your favourite pair of white sneakers and you’ve got yourself a not-so-girly look. The A-line will give you a more relaxed vibe. If not, round off with a denim jacket. You can also try a shift dress with florals if you please.

Pic Credit: Pinterest, Instagram

Go The Biker-Chic Way

Nothing better than adding a leather piece to your ensemble when you want a rugged look. Aren’t we right? Then why haven’t you thought of doing it with your florals? If sporting florals is not your thing, then do it with a leather jacket. Pair your floral dress or miniskirt with a badass leather jacket and a pair of sneakers (or boots) to make a statement. If you’ve got yourself a floral top or blouse, pair it with leather skirt, shorts or tights to work wonders too! The trendy leather will help take the focus away from your florals altogether and you won’t have to worry about looking too girly either.

Pic Credit: Style Over Coffee, Pinterest

Do It With Floral Jeans

Wearing florals on a blouse, skirt or dress can come off as being a little feminine given how you team it. And if you’re the not-so-girly girl who loves to flaunt flower power once in a while, we’ve got you the solution. Do it with a pair of jeans. Yes! Jeans are the perfect choice when it comes to keeping it a little tomboyish. Choose a pair of floral denim that you can pair with a boxy tee and accessorise it with minimal jewellery to keep your vibe. Tuck a shirt in, and work the look with a pair of loafers. You can also go for a tee-sneakers-backpack look with the denim. In case you want to avoid going casual, work a structured jacket with it. There’s always an alternative girl….if you don’t come up with it, maybe you should trust us.

Pic Credit: Tumblr, Pinterest