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3 Effortless Ways To Incorporate Sportswear Into Your Outfits

3 Effortless Ways To Incorporate Sportswear Into Your Outfits

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that athleisure dominated the runway and street style for both men and women. Spotted on the social media of all your favourite celebs and fashion-forward influencers, it gained tremendous popularity last year. And guess what? It’s still going pretty strong on our style radar. In case you thought athleisure clothing is just for lifting weights, think again. Sportswear can easily transition from gym to your every day outfits. It may seem a little tricky to sport, but you can start by styling your attire around one sportswear piece at a time. Can’t figure how to go about it? Worry not, you’re at the right place. Check out how you can incorporate your sportswear in three easy ways using the three Js of athleisure.


If you’re into sports, we’re sure to find a jersey or two in your closet. This piece makes for a perfect streetwear option too. Dial into the easy breezy vibe with a grey v-neck jersey from Adidas and team it up with a pair of joggers in olive green from Alcott. Keep the look smart by throwing over a classic denim jacket. Caps are also a major streetwear essential, so we’ve added a black cap to this ensemble. Finish the look with a pair of casual slip-on shoes from Koovs.

How men can incorporate a jersey in everyday wear


Bored with the regular t-shirt and joggers combination? This this look is for you. Sport a pair of black relaxed joggers from Nike to achieve a sportswear-infused casual look. Layer a striped cotton shirt from Zara under a cotton blend full-sleeve t-shirt. You can also add this sporty timepiece from Guess. For a refined touch to your ensemble, wear this stylish pair of backless suede slip-ons from The Alternate.

How men can incorporate a jogger in everyday wear


A sporty jacket is a great classic for starters. If you’re in doubt about athleisure, just throw on a fleece jacket over your casual outfit and you’ll be good to go. Sport a dark green t-shirt with a pair of striped grey chinos from Zara. Layer it with a Nike fleece jacket. For the shoes, go easy with a pair of basic lace-up shoes in beige. We’ve picked up this pair from Aldo. Also, spruce up the outfit a little by sporting the checked flat cap from Mango.

How men can incorporate a jacket in everyday wear