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Laws Of The Lazy

Laws Of The Lazy

Being lazy and outgoing at the same time is a pretty awkward feature. You have so much love for flaunting your style but are not so up to the same when it comes to putting in the required efforts. Every morning, you push your limits to see how much extra time you can spend in your cozy bed before being forced by the need of not losing your job or become a high school dropout into the arctic- your bedroom! If you throw yourself in an absolute mental breakdown whenever any outing is announced, literally crawling your way to your closet and then towards the dressing table, you are one amongst the clan of the lethargic. But worry not! There are thousands of women around you looking gorgeous from head to toe and walking in pride, when in reality, hardly spent 10 minutes for the activity.

WODROB understands all your slothful struggles. Hence, we bring you the ultimate laws that you must sincerely abide by if you happen to belong with the inert human species but yet adore chic looks!

Law# 1. Dresses and playsuits are your pals!

What’s better than putting on just a single piece of clothing and walking out the door? T-shirt dresses or jumpsuits are made for this purpose so that you don’t have to figure out what top to wear over what bottom!

Law# 2. Lipsticks are the scarves to your face.

Red lipstick can entirely change the way you appear, it matches every skin tone and it doesn’t judge how simple your outfit is — lipsticks are big time saving battle gears against laziness. Just one stroke and you go girl!

Law# 3. Ear studs are divine blessings.

Bad hair days, everyone has been there! But, the most extravagant way to divert attention away from your hair is to wear sparkly earrings. Let those lone earlobes look lavish!

Law# 4. Dry shampoo is the new oxygen!

A sign of pro-level shiftlessness is when you skip way too many shower and your hair is in terrible need of a good wash. Reserve dry shampoo for such circumstances and you can ditch water without any hair worry!

Law# 5. Mascara is the tiara to your eyes

If there is one beauty product that you’d carry to the Alps or the Antarctica, it should be your mascara! A girl who wears mascara needs no other eye-do!

The aforementioned essentials are must-haves in any lazy girls beauty arsenal.