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The Lax Bro Cut Is Touted As THE Haircut For Men This Summer

The Lax Bro Cut Is Touted As THE Haircut For Men This Summer

It’s no news that men are becoming extremely conscious of their looks, and more so of their style (we love). Now they understand the importance of being well groomed and attractively dressed. Most men may not adhere to high-end grooming, but they do pay heed to their hair and the styles that they can try. Since we’re quite familiar with trends, we decided to rummage through the Internet for the latest summer hairstyles for guys. What we stumbled upon was this uber-cool hairdo called the lax bro cut. Wondering what that means? Take note boys, we’re doling out all the deets.

The lax bro cut refers to a grungy look (think Bradley Cooper). Wait! John Abraham sported this style long back, right? Also called ‘Bro Flow’ (a term coined by GQ), this trend has been seen on many of our favourite Hollywood and Bollywood celebs alike. From Jared Leto to the super hot Milo Ventimiglia, Harry Styles and even Dev Patel, there are a bunch of stars working this look. Been around since the 1800s in different versions, the Lax Bro Cut is a long and free-flowing style. TBH it can be simply put as sporting ‘long and wavy’ hair. Easy to style, the bro cut is pretty low maintenance as it appears naturally unruly. Do we love it for summer? Well, we’re in two minds about that. Maybe it only depends on how well groomed you look! Nonetheless, we at WODROB were curious to know what you boys think about this trending new cut. So we scouted around and asked 4 boys their opinion on this rad cut for guys. Read on!

Daryush Contractor: I think you can only pull the bro flow if you’ve got strong and masculine features like a sharp jawline. You might end up looking slightly feminine if you don’t, or if you have softer features. Would I try it? Probably not! In this heat? A definite no-no. I think it’s definitely not summer appropriate.

Clayton Rana: I don’t like the hairdo at all. I am someone who prefers a full grown-out length instead of this mid-length look. It looks too unruly for me, and is extremely untidy. It’s not a haircut I’d advise for someone who is working because of how disheveled it looks. It’s a haircut probably more suited for a teenager, and I’m not one, even if you may think I am (wink wink).

Taronish Cooper: I’d definitely try this cut if I were to get a haircut soon. It’s versatile, as it can neither be classified as too short nor too long and is at that perfect length even for the indecisive summer-mind. The bro flow is quite an adaptive hairstyle, which I think would suit someone with or without facial hair. Love it!

Aamir Edroos: I’d not try this look since I don’t think it suits my face type. It looks extremely untidy too. Grooming it often may not be necessary. However, I think that makes for an extremely-messy appearance. It’s not very me and a cut like this for summer is a definite no.

Zarvan Mistry: I like how this haircut looks. I haven’t tried the cut yet but if I had to get a haircut I wouldn’t mind trying this style. I have naturally curly hair and I anyway think I’m close to having the ‘Lax Bro Cut’ already.