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Layering: How To Do The Hot Runway Trend Right

Layering: How To Do The Hot Runway Trend Right

Winter’s favorite fashion mantra is here and we cannot get enough of it. As we all know, layering has been all over the ramp this season with a lot of designers going all out during the Lakmé Fashion Week. It has been creating a lot of buzz around the world.

However, layering is not as simple as it looks. There’s a lot of thought put into those effortless looks you see on the ramp. The same outfits and pieces may not look as good off the ramp. Unless of course, you’re mindful of certain things – always dress to enhance your figure, skin tone and height.

Here are 7 ways (and tips) that can help you get your layer game right:

Adding Just One

Sweaters, blazers, jackets, trench coats or checkered shirts – we all have something to add over our usual outfits. Everyone is into layering, in some or the other way. And the best, safest way to layer is by adding just one to your outfit.

If you live in a relatively colder place, add a cool leather jacket over your regular tee and denim for an edgy look. You can also wear a bright coloured coat with your dress. Long cape shrugs are very much in fashion, and look stunning with any kind of outfit. The best part is that today, they’re available in various kinds of fabric, so no matter if you experience light winters or full-blown snowy winters, you’re going to be able to rock this one! Another effortlessly stylish look is the sweater over a collared shirt – a true classic, and we all know, you can never go wrong with classics.

WM tip: Pair coats and shirts with a fitted dress, a fitted denim or boots to create the ultimate winter look. The idea is to balance out your look – all elements in your layered outfit can be loose only if you’re skinny and super tall like a runway model.

Flinging with Flow

For those of you, who are big fans of ethnic clothes and cannot get enough of desi quirky apparels, the best way to use layering is to create a playful feel using flowy fabrics.

Pair an anarkali with a dhoti pants, or a silhouette kurti with a flared skirt for the ultimate layered look. You can also add a sheer cover or coat to your saree or ethnic outfit. This look promises elegance and exudes class.

WM tip: Colors and fabrics need to be kept in mind while fixing this look. If you’re wheatish to dark toned, play with earthy colours, and let your bottoms be a bright colour. If you’re on the heavier side, opt for more fluid fabrics like chiffons and georgettes.

Playing with Prints

Prints and patterns are every fashionista’s favorite. They are fun to experiment with and offer so much scope for creativity. But, working with these can get tricky.

Play safe by pairing heavy prints with subtle ones, when you are trying out looks. You can also pick an outstanding jacket with some very loud design and pair it with a monotone outfit. Geometric prints tend to go well with other prints provided either of them is small and subtle.

WM tip: Overdoing prints will lead to a fashion disaster. Maintain a certain rhythm in your outfit. Avoid clashing large floral prints with geometric prints, unless of course, the latter are extremely understated and really tiny.

Getting the Fit Game Right

Fit matters a lot in layering. Going overboard with loose fitted clothes will spoil the charm. A healthy mix of well fitted clothes and loose layers will add some drama to your look. Pair a peplum dress with a short leather jacket. Be careful about the combinations you pick up and make sure that they compliment your body type.

WM tip: Healthy people should avoid too many layers.

Alternating between Lengths

Another way of creating the correct kind of buzz is to play with lengths. Team up a long loose button shirt with a pair of leggings and your usual shorts. You can also add a short denim jacket to your favorite skater skirt or a long cape shrug to a crop top and denims.

WM Tip: It is necessary to break the flow sometimes, so don’t forget to experiment with different hemlines.

Decoding Colors

A good amount of color splash, if done mindfully can make heads turn. Pair warms hues like red and yellow with subtle or muted shades like baby blue. Nude shades go best with bold colors, so pair a nude outfit with a neon stole or a solid colored overcoat.

WM tip: Monochromes and popping add-ons like coats and blazers are a sure hit formula.

Flirting with Fabrics

The fabrics you pick can make or break your layered look. For example, wearing a suede jacket over a velvet dress is definitely not a good idea.

For ethnic styles, delicate and embroidered layers are preferred if your dress is rich in tone or single colored. For regular outfits, try pairing satin or sequin layers over plain outfits.

WM tip: Denims should be your best layering option, but when it’s a festive look that you’re putting together, don’t hesitate to try out velvet or sequins. They can really jazz up your look.

So, what are you waiting for? Layer up and head out in style!