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Lazy Girl’s Guide to Outdoor Dressing

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Outdoor Dressing

Brunch date or Hangout

Brunch dates are trippy if you’re sluggish, for they are planned well before time and you just cannot get away with anything and call it an act of laziness. Besides you have a special person to impress, too.

Outfit: If the piecing together of outfits is a task that’s causing you to call off brunch plans at the first place, then darling, pick on a quirky T-shirt dress or a cute little sundress or maybe a jumpsuit.Just slip it on, zip it up, and be on your way. Just don’t forget to don your favorite pumps.

Makeup: Take a little pain to wear the correct foundation that matches your skin tone to hide away your blemishes. Wear a subtle hued shade blush for rosy cheeks. Pop on some winged eyeliner over a bright eyeshadow. The clever white eyeliner pencil tip works here as well. Light up your lips with a crimson red lipstick to furnish your face.

Hair: When deciding on letting your hair loose, grab a small portion of your front flicks parting your hair into two, twist them and pin them with the rest of the hair on the back above your ear. You can use cute hair pins to make your tresses look dainty. Always keep the rough end of the pin underneath your hair for long-lasting grip. Or tie your hair using pretty bows into a messy fishtail.

Accessories: Paint your nails cute to match them with your outfit. You can wear a lacy choker or a tiny locket and look worth a dime.

Hacks: To draw a perfect eyeliner when in haste, always use a felt-tip eyeliner. Position the tip at an angle roughly perpendicular to the tail of your brow from the outer corner of your lid and stroke it inwards. With just one easy move, you can go from plain to perfect!

For shiny sun-kissed strands, just like you use highlighter for your cheeks, apply some on your hair. Use loose powder foundation for your face and apply your concealer at all the highest points of your face where you need coverage. The best to do is applying it in a inverted wedge shape under your eye. This way you get the perfect blend of your products in a brisk without appearing cakey.

For those off- duty- model curls, pull your damp hair into a tight bun after applying serum. Let your hair loose after they’re completely air dried and give them a little shake. Lastly, spritz hair spray on your strands to restore the texture without treating your hair with heat and you’re good to go!

Dinner nights

It is possible to look glamorous while being inactive maximum time of the day! With occasions like dinner parties where you need flatter everyone around you and boost your self-esteem, we have a nice guide for you!

Outfit: Select a glittery maxi or boho dress that has sequin work over it, your colour is black! It never fails to look elegant! If you’re wearing a short dress and have not shaved your legs in days, wear cute stockings underneath and hide those hairy legs in style. High heels are a must.

Makeup: Pay special attention to your makeup. You might lack interest to fix your face in the evening but do not lack any efforts. Wear a bold eyeliner with smoky eyes effect. Contour your face well so that it appears lifted. Invest in matte lipsticks for evening events.

Hair: Now is high time to actually curl your hair using heat equipments. Let all your hair rest on to either of the shoulders after styling them.

Accessories: Wear a considerable amount of bling. Hook up with artsy earrings that complement your outfit.

Hacks: If you want to try out smoky eyes but afraid of the amount of energy that goes into putting it together, line your eyes roughly on the lids and smudge it out with your little finger, working upwards. You can use masking tape on the edges for a more defined look.

Contouring your face is time-consuming? Not anymore. It’s as easy as the number ‘3’. Start from the tip of your brow and work your way to the apple of your cheeks and them to the chin. Thank us later!

Who doesn’t love voluminous lashes? Dust some face powder on your mascara wand before coating your lashes to make your eyelashes look clumpier. You can use the same wand with dry shampoo on to tame your unruly eyebrows.

For creating a beach wave hairdo, sleep on your braids and iron them before untangling. Or just pull your hair into a high pony tail, grabbing small sections of hair, curl them by twisting it each time you wind it on the curler. You can tie them in a marvelous low bun. There, your hair is sorted!

Lining your lips just became simpler! Draw an X shape on your cupid’s bow and continue lining the rest of the lips. Smudge the inner edges and apply lipstick over. Your lips appear pouty than ever!

Just because you’ve hit the snooze button a zillionth time or just mastered the art of procrastination, doesn’t mean that you cannot be in the spotlight. All it takes is a tiny percent of your willpower paired with some clever moves to beat the comatose out of you and look well groomed.

So go ahead and steal the show!