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Let’s Talk Ties

Let’s Talk Ties

It’s no noose you tie around your neck, it’s a tie and it demands some thought put into it. No matter what you may work as and what you may do, a gentleman should always know his ties. When worn right, a tie can make or break an outfit. Whether it is an evening out or a business meeting, the right tie is only an informed choice away. We’ve handpicked five types of ties for any occasion.

A Four in Hand and Seven Folds

No, we’re not talking of cards, we’re talking about ties! This is the classic tie you and I know of. A time-honoured pick for a formal occasion and with endless varieties in knots, the Four in hand necktie is a staple. It can be bought in silk and knitted wool. Linen too would lend itself to be a breezy option for a Sunday brunch. The seven fold tie is a take on its four fold cousin. This tie, like the name suggests,  made by folding seven times is a tie created from a square yard of mostly silk. Its a great option for an office meeting and being wider than the norm, a fine knot is just a flick away.

WM Tip: The four in hand necktie is a right choice for the average male body while the seven fold tie will make the perfect pick for someone with wide shoulders or a square shaped face or broad neck.

The Skinnier Choice

With bands like The Beatles making the skinny tie popular, this tie has grown as quite the approved choice with the youth today. This tie is the perfect pick for the thinner and leaner gentleman. Being available in numerous colours, experimenting with shapes and designs gets easier with this tie. Instead of the standard silk, cotton and woollen make for a good variation. The skinny tie (beware of the ultra-skinny tie) will help make your denim look edgier yet stylish.

WM Tip:  If you have a broad torso or a round face steering away from the skinny tie would be the right choice.

‘Bow’ing it Out

The new sheriff is in town! Choosing the right bowtie can be a risky affair however, once mastered, it is capable of transforming your outfit- quirky yet classy. No more are these ties just worn at a formal function. Pairing a plaid bowtie with your cardigan on an evening date? Go for it! Men with seemingly long necks, this is the tie for you. Another version of the bowtie is the western bowtie or shall we say the Pussy bowtie. This option may come off as too daring or too casual, but can make a great alternative to the classic bowtie. Its time to be the James Bond in you!

WM Tip: The bowtie can make for your quick-fix. Being available as a clip-on or pre-tied, the bowtie can be the choice when you have no time to tie the knot.

The Cravat

Also known as the ‘Ascot tie’, this French classic provides for a dressier version than the other ties. The cravat, pinned rather than knotted, is the dashing choice to make for any formal event. Easy to make, the cravat is very often not considered as being part of the tie family however it lends a sharper and superior look to any outfit.

We Aren’t Done Yet

The lesser known Bolo tie makes for an addition to the small collection of men’s accessories. Not office appropriate, this unique pick makes quite a statement being its unique take on ties. It can be great option for a blingy night out, what say? For all you overgrown men out there, missing your boy scout days already?  Then this tie is the one for you. The Neckerchief is an overlooked tie trend you tend to forget exists but makes for a great everyday look. Hex tie, you say? This new addition to the family is the trendy way to go today. Made of two rigid polymers with flexible fabric in between, the Hex tie is a chic solution to a man’s night out.

WM Tip: Choose a tie that is in contrast to your skin colour and preferably hair colour. This allows for the colour of the tie to make its own statement on the outfit you are wearing. Always keep in mind the weight of the tie, don’t let your tie weigh you down.

These aren’t ‘unbreakable’ style rules. Wear what works for you and be the suave self you are. Style yourself with a tie the next time you want to make a statement ‘cause now you know what en vogue.