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These 3 Easy Outfits Won’t Let The Rain Sabotage Your Style

These 3 Easy Outfits Won’t Let The Rain Sabotage Your Style

The early showers this month definitely is a sign of the fast-approaching rains. And no matter how hard we try, we can’t deny our love-hate relationship with the monsoons. Obviously, the pleasantries are many – snuggling in that blanket and staring out of the window on a lazy afternoon. But that does come along with way too many woes (the traffic situation most importantly), especially sartorial ones. Note to self: Do away with all those difficult-to-dry fabrics and over-the-top silhouettes. Having said that, it is still possible to keep up with the ongoing trends. Read along as we show you how to tackle the monsoons and keep it clean and stylish.

Culottes For Jeans

The humid weather followed by pouring rains call for breathable fabrics and silhouettes. The only piece that matches all of that is a pair of culottes. The voluminous piece is so versatile; it is work-appropriate too. For a casual day out or while running errands, pair it up with a graphic tee or even a sweatshirt. Just ensure you don’t pick a white one for the rains.

Pic Credit: Pinterest, Tumbler

Say Yes To Leggings

Keeping your jeans aside would probably be in your best interest, as denim doesn’t dry up fast. We are talking leggings all day, every day. If athleisure is your style then now is the best time to showcase it. It is functional and fashionable at the same time. To keep it clean you can either pair it up with a cropped top or even a casual go-to cotton shirt. Switch it up with a pair of sneakers or flats of your choice.

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Layer With A Rainwear

When we speak of monsoon we don’t expect you to go all gloomy in terms of colour choices. Pick out your favourite summer dress and add a twist by layering it with a lightweight parka. A rain parka might be a little difficult to scout for, but is the best piece this season. You can add a raincoat too (we’re thinking the transparent one if you’re edgy) because it’s easily available in the country. Your choice of footwear can range from slip-on to rain boots (we mean those funky gumboots if you’re okay to experiment).

Pic Credit: Kayture, Pinterest, Citizen Couture