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Ma, Look… I Found A Mall In My Wardrobe!

Ma, Look… I Found A Mall In My Wardrobe!

Think about this: How many pieces of clothes are stacked at the back of your cupboard? How many of these do you see only during spring cleaning? Well, the answer to this lies in the classic 80:20 Pareto principle, which states that for many events roughly 80 per cent of the effects come from 20 per cent of the causes. This means that most of us end up wearing the SAME 20 per cent of our clothes most of the times.


But, you don’t have to slump out. All you need is few smart tips in wardrobe management to churn out a new outfit almost every day.

“The simplest way to make the wardrobe easier to access is to prioritise what we need the most, then categorise and arrange it accordingly,” advices Mumbai-based wardrobe consultant and founder of Atechi, Shrutika Gupta. She adds, “This de-clutters and makes our wardrobe lot more spacious. It’s important to keep your formals, casuals, gym wear, occasion wear, etc. separate, and keep them further organised so that one knows exactly where to look for what in the wardrobe.”

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So, for an efficient wardrobe, one must hang their clothes rather than stack up everything. This will help in not only keeping your clothes neat but also save you a lot of time in scanning through and deciding what to wear. Of course, this will cut down on repeating the same clothes.

For instance, you can pile up all your casual tees or kurtas together instead of haphazardly folding them into stacks. Also, some people colour coordinate their clothes. This is nice, but then again you won’t know where to look when it comes to picking up a particular style.


Likewise, if you love to wear jewellery and accessories remember it’s best to keep them in boxes in a drawer. This keeps it simple and easy to choose from amongst the many options. Also, one should keep their belts folded rather than hanging. This looks neat and also protects the belts.

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And, trust us you don’t need a walk-in closet to tidy up things. Just make room for smart hooks and hang-up signs. They will also add a little quirk to your cupboard. Shrutika says, “Simply, hang the bags or jholas on hooks and put your accessories, jewellery, shades, belts, etc.  inside them.”


Your closet is an important part of you, and it reflects on how you want to have your day forward. So make sure to keep it in shape and treat it as something special. Another way of organising the wardrobe could be to keep out-of-season clothes away and get into a habit of organising your wardrobe every three months.


Mumbai-based content writer Neha Joshi feels, “Wardrobe management has helped me save money and time on shopping. At any given point in time, I have access to my entire wardrobe, where I can mix-n-match my outfits to create a new look.”


So try re-organising your wardrobe and see how it makes you feel! All you have to do is reverse the 80/20 rule! Now, a little mathematics may not be a bad idea, right?