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Make Your Festive Wardrobe Malfunction-Free

Make Your Festive Wardrobe Malfunction-Free

A button falls off. A tear here. And a broken zipper there. If you’re not paying attention, wardrobe malfunctions can embarrass you in public like a jealous cousin. You would especially want to run eons away from a situation like that during the festive season – there are more-than-usual people around, and with everyone all decked up, every single person is in the spotlight. However, if you’re well prepared, you shall enjoy the celebrations without any unpleasant intervention.

Carry Your Weapons

The best way to avoid a wardrobe malfunction is to be prepared for one. Let’s face it, a mishap when it comes to clothes, cannot totally be avoided. But, if you carry a few tools or weapons along, you’re all set to defeat awkwardness.

Safety Pins

Carry them in your purse, they don’t take up space. In case you’re not going to be carrying a purse, wear a make-shift bracelet, made of tiny golden safety pins. These bracelets not only equip you with the ever-so-handy pins, but also look really cute.



Sure, if a button or hook at the back of your outfit gives up, you can use a safety pin to fix it. But, if it’s in the front, that you need a tiny opening covered, a brooch would make for a really good cover-up. At the same time, it doubles up as an embellishment.



Scarves are pretty versatile, you can wear them differently – tied around the waist, knotted and left open in the front, or even around the shoulders to give it a cape-like look. Don it the way you like best, and if there’s an open hem or a popped out button, you can wear the scarf differently, to hide it.


Statement Jewellery

The best way to play safe is by taking attention away from your clothes. Bold, chunky, statement pieces will come to the rescue in case of a slip-up. Moreover, if there’s a little stain or something around your neck or anywhere else on the bodice that needs to be hidden, your neck-piece and some pins or your chunky earring alone could help. Plus, it would add as an embellishment.


Nylon Thread

Carry a little box with nylon thread, fold-able scissors (you can get tiny ones that are barely two inches) and a needle. Not every time can you use a brooch or jeweller to hide stains or tears. Sometimes, they’re at a spot where you just cannot add an embellishment. That’s where, your quick stitching skills would come in. Also, if all else fails, and if it seems right to, cut out the portion of your garment that is either badly stained or unfix-able. Or fold it in, especially if it’s your sleeves.


No Weapons? Still a Warrior!

In case you forget to carry pins, scarves or thread, don’t panic. What makes these slip-ups worse is the wearer or victim showing signs of embarrassment. No matter whether you’re visiting someone for Ganpati Darshan, or hosting a Navratri or Diwali party, keep in mind these certain things, be mindful, and no one will know:

Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. We hope you enjoy a malfunction-free festive season!