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Men’s Fashion Myths Debunked

Men’s Fashion Myths Debunked

Compared to women, most of the style guides for men are often assumed to be set in stone, but here at WM we believe that rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to fashion. Out with the old and snoozy, in with the new — keep reading as we help you put some dated style myths to bed.

Myth #1: Florals Are For Women (Only)

Remember the time when men shied away at the thought of wearing pink because most presumed they would be mocked at by being called too ‘girly’? And then one day some really hunky guy decided to wear pink in the most eclectic manner and then it suddenly became a wardrobe staple… Well, the case with florals isn’t all that similar. No matter how many style icons incorporate a flower or two onto their dressing, it’s still a pattern that most men wouldn’t touch.

Here at the WM fashion HQ, we think patterns are the easiest ways to inject some fun into your wardrobe. We’re looking at you — yes, you — the ones who think stripes and checks are the only form of patterns that belong in your wardrobe. Well, guess what? The latest form of florals are available in psychedelic versions and look nothing like a girly uniform.


Lest you think Hawaiian print florals are the way to go (they’re so not!), smart florals can be found in the form of shirts, tees and even jackets, if you dare.

WM Tip: The best way to wear florals without giving your friends a migraine is by playing them up by toning everything else down — team them up with earthy-toned chinos and a fresh pair of white sneakers.

Myth #2: Everything Has To Be Slim Fit

If there’s anything bad that fashion does, is paint an unrealistic picture in terms of body image. For some reason, menswear models are still slim chicken legs when the women’s plus-size movement is roaring. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s okay that you can’t fit into slim jeans and it’s really alright that you wear XXL.

We won’t lie, slim fits do look good, but if you’re too lazy to go to the gym, just like us, then easy breezy clothes are the answer for you. Thankfully, the athleisure trend isn’t going away anytime soon — that gives us even more reason to invest in a pair of smart joggers or sweatpants that look cool with those sneakers and help you attain that sports luxe look.

WM Tip: Fashion is all about ease and comfort too, so find a great pair of relaxed-fit trousers and team them up with your favourite V-neck tees and throw on a checked shirt for good measure.

Myth #3: Stick To The Age Old Colour Coordination Handbook

Rules like navy blue and black can’t go together, your belt and shoe colours must match, the socks must match the hue of the formal shoe, when wearing traditional your kurta must match your bottoms — we have three words for these rules  — break them ALL!

Avoid being the ‘matchy-matchy’ guy when it comes to your formal dress code – it’s okay to match your belt with your shoes, but wouldn’t it be better if you contrasted those shades instead? We’re not saying that you should be sporting a shiny black belt with suede brown shoes, but moving through the monochromatic spectrum might just be a more modern solution — think lighter shades of the same hue paired with a darker shoe.

Similarly, if you must match socks to anything, it should probably be your trousers (especially if they’re ankle cut-offs) as they do wonders for visually making your legs appear longer. Alternatively, there’s nothing wrong with a good contrast, we think it’s rather dandy to sport an argyle pastel checked sock with a pair of brown loafers.


When it comes to clothing, feel free to contrast your existing neutrals, there’s no need to match your trousers to your jacket, opt for contrasting textures if you’re puzzled – we love the idea of grey houndstooth tweed with navy blue. Include more hues into your wardrobe palette, we think a pair of oxblood twill trousers are a great addition and transition well under your traditional bandhi or bandhgala jackets well. Speaking of which, Indianwear doesn’t have to be restrictive — colour blocking with rich hues is absolutely alright — think beiges with maroons, aubergines with navy blues and midnight blues with oxblood even!

WM Tip: Experimenting with colour doesn’t have to mean having a Govinda moment, just look at modern day colour blocking kings like Ranveer Singh for street style inspiration — after all, it’s not about what you wear, it’s all about how you wear it.

Myth #4: Accessories Mean Shoes, Belts, Watches And A Wallet

Accessories aren’t just regular staples anymore! The dandier, more metrosexual men are now including tie pins, boutonnières, lapel pins, brooches and badges into their wardrobes.

Being experimental helps you add another dash to your personality and not just your wardrobe. Being mindful of how you accessorize is key — if a lapel pin is your item-du-jour, then try to keep the rest of your outfit more monochromatic. The same advice goes for any other addition, one of the easiest ways to experiment is to opt for accessories that can camouflage into your outfit without it looking over the top.

WM Tip: Look for classic vintage additions when it comes to accessories — army inspired lapel pins and nautical wrap bracelets are absolute must haves.


Myth #5: Bling Is For Bollywood

If your wedding band is the only ‘bling’ you own, then you’re leading a very boring wardrobe life there mister! You don’t need to be frightful of bling, we aren’t proposing that you have a Bappi-da moment, but subtlety is key to looking suave.

Subtle bling or ‘man-bling’ as we’d like to call it, encompasses not just bracelets but other forms of adornment such as cufflinks, rings, tie clips and lapel pins – if you’re a hairy dude and have finger beards, then rings might not be your best bet.


If you’re in dire need of motivational inspiration when it comes to bling, look no further than the style chameleon Johnny Depp, who’s been well-versed when it comes to including a shiny element or two into his style. Go on and create your very own wrist party with a metal bracelet teamed with a leather wrap. A universal rule to remember is that the metals of your accessories should agree with one another — stainless steel, silver, white gold and platinum harmonize well, while brass, copper and rose gold form a great company too.

WM Tip: You don’t have to be a 50 year old man to own a vintage gold Rolex, a well-designed timepiece should ideally look good no matter what the finish, it’s all got to do with what you team it.


Why should girls have all the fun with fashion? Here at Wodrob, we’re all about getting creative and experimental with your wardrobe!