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2 Super Easy Style Hacks For Men To Get That Perfect Fit

2 Super Easy Style Hacks For Men To Get That Perfect Fit

Most of us find ourselves asking the question ‘what is the most important part of dressing up?’ Well, the answer, we think, lies in the fit of the silhouette. And FYI, if you thought this interrogative sentence was directed to women alone, we’ll correct you now. Men too have to pay attention to the fit of their clothes. Today we’re focussing on men who are on the lookout for easy style hacks to get that perfectly flattering fit. Be it your favourite pair of denim or a work shirt, these easy style tricks will tackle them all. Disclaimer – While these might seem obvious but we bet you never paid attention to them before. Go check it out!

The ‘Waist To Forearm’ Ratio

This one is easy and saves you the time you would otherwise take in queuing up to try your clothes in a store. In order to determine if your jeans fit you right, just button it up and try sliding your forearm into the waist. If your arm fits in comfortably from the wrist to your elbow, then the jeans will fit you just right. Try this hack with the trousers already existing in your wardrobe and you’ll remember us the next time you are running short on time.

Sit It Out

This must have happened many a time…you are out there purchasing a slim fit, button-down shirt after having tried it. But the day you actually wear it, you’ll see that the fit has changed. This is why you should try a shirt by sitting it out. Firstly, it helps you know how the shirt will look once you are seated. It also gives you a better idea of whether the shirt fits right because let’s face it, you don’t want those buttons popping out of your newly-bought shirt.


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