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Menswear Nailed: 5 Fashion Forward Ways To Style The Plain White Shirt

Menswear Nailed: 5 Fashion Forward Ways To Style The Plain White Shirt

The white shirt – it’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. Everybody loves it. But everyone would wear it in the same boring way. The best part is, because it’s plain, and it’s white, there’s so much scope for styling it to achieve interesting looks. Then men, why not get a little creative with your crisp white shirts?

Here are 7 ways you can style your white shirts, that’ll help you look fashionable and appealing:

1. Suit it Up!

Blue, grey, black, brown…you name a colour, and white goes with it. White shirts look sharp and classy by themselves. Yet, to take it up a notch, wear one with a suit. Avoid pairing very light colours with white though, especially if you’re on the heavier side.

WM Tip: Finish the look with an interesting printed tie. Make sure that the tie is a third colour, but a good contrast to the colour of your suit. This will make your look more interesting.



2. Go Shorty

Put together your plain white shirt, shorts, a nice belt, a pair of wayfarers and moccasins, and voila, your perfect weekend outfit is made! Just make sure your shirt is preferably a straight cut and not too long, then you need not tuck it in. When wearing shorts with a white shirt, go in for khaki, green or fawn-coloured safaris or long shorts in reds, orange, blues, or even fitted denims shorts.
WM tip: For shoes, while moccasins work best, you could even get experimental. Go a little sporty, or don coloured brogues.


3. Do the Denim

Most members of the opposite sex will tell you that there’s nothing sexier than a man wearing a white shirt with sleeves rolled up till the elbows, a nice pair of jeans and, dress shoes. Whether it’s a night out in town  or a lazy Sunday afternoon, the white shirt has that clean look even a rugged man can pull off. Moreover, only the white shirt has that power to make jeans look dressy and close to formal.

WM tip: White shirt and blue jeans is a classic combination. Want to make it more interesting? Throw in a pair of red or bright blue moccasins or fawn-coloured oxfords, and you’ll be left looking stylish as ever.header


4. Colour Your Chinos

Chinos make your white shirt look interesting like no other piece of outfit can. Think guy next door. Go clean shaven if you’re someone who’s got rugged looks, or keep a stubble, if you’re already choco-boyish. There are several ways in which you can style your coloured chinos and white shirt – wear a fedora hat and fold your chinos just an inch from the bottom, wear interesting frames, or a printed scarf and carry a duffle bag. These are amazing looks, especially for a nautical holiday.

WM tip: If you intend to achieve a more formal look, tuck your white shirt in, into royal blue, fawn, military or olive green, or khakhi-coloured chinos, and accessorize with a minimalistic belt and frames.header


5. Play with Prints

Printed Nehru jackets with really interesting detailing on a white shirt. Need we say more? Complete the look with khakhis or fitted blue denims, and brown, black or fawn oxfords.

WM tip: For a sharper look, add in a pair of interesting thick frames, roll up your sleeves to 3/4th, and wear a bold metallic chrono watch .header


How do you style your white shirt? Can think of more ways? Comment below!