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5 Must-Haves Every Man Will Need Before The Rains

5 Must-Haves Every Man Will Need Before The Rains

We’re sure that all you men have sneaked into your mum’s or girlfriend’s pouches this bygone summer only to use their chapstick on your dry lips. Let’s not deny it, if it wasn’t for the chapstick then definitely to use their moisturiser to unwrinkle your dry hands. Which is why we don’t want you spending your monsoon sneak-peeking into the woman’s wardrobe! Let’s get you monsoon ready STAT.

Monsoon maybe a great season to enjoy as you watch the view from your balcony with a cuppa ‘chai’ in hand. It definitely is not a pleasant one to be experiencing on the go. Not only is it highly inconvenienced and makes you perpetually late, the dampness and moisture can be a constant worry? Ugh! And that’s why we at WODROB have put together the perfect monsoon kit to get you rain-ready this season. Browse through and you can thank us later, boys!

Shampoo For Hair Damage Control

Seasonal transition brings about changes in your body as well. With such climatic changes, it isn’t uncommon to have scalp infections. In fact, keep track of your scalp as it also makes you prone to dandruff and drying. The polluted monsoon water and humidity is suitable for microbes to thrive well on your scalp. To combat this issue, use an anti-dandruff shampoo throughout the rainy season.


Beat The Sun With Sunscreen

If you’re thinking you can keep away that sunscreen already, well the answer is NO. Sunscreen helps protect your skin from extremely harmful UV rays. Whether the sun is out or not, your skin must always be protected. We tend to ignore sunscreen in the rains, and that isn’t right. However, here’s urging you not to leave home without it no matter what the season.


Don’t Forget A Windcheater

We know you are aware of this, but did you realise that other than protecting you from the rains, a windcheater also keeps you warm. Flu, cold or a cough is common in the monsoons, and a windcheater makes for an ideal piece to help stay away from these infections.
WM Tip: While a windcheater without a hoodie may look ‘cooler’ we advise you to always choose one with it. A dry body but a drenched head will do you no good.


Try A Pair Of Shorts

While you love your full-length denim and long cargos, what’s the point when the rains will have these dripping wet at the bottom? It comes as no surprise that one of the firsts to get wet are your feet, and upward. Then why bother wearing long pants in the monsoon in the first place? Switch over to shorts and splash away in that puddle the next time.
WM Tip: Please do not turn up to work in shorts EVER. However, a change into your formals from shorts is always permissible.


Water-Friendly Shoes

If you’re cool with those suede loafers getting all mucky then this point isn’t for you. But we know you love those shoes. So listen up…water-friendly shoes are a MUST when it comes to monsoon footwear. Choose a pair in materials like plastic, foam, nylon, PVC. Not only will these shoes stay put in the damp condition but also prevent several slips and falls.
WM Tip: We know how lazy you can be, that is why we are stressing on putting away your rainy footwear as soon as the monsoon comes to an end. You can wrap it up to use it in the next season.