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Nail These Incredible Fashion Trends Even If They’re Not For Your Body-Type

Nail These Incredible Fashion Trends Even If They’re Not For Your Body-Type

If you have ever thought twice about a certain dress just because it would not look flattering on you, then this is all you need. Identifying your body type should be something that helps you wear your style well, not give it up completely. Let categorization based on body types not restrict you instead make note of your strengths and work around those to achieve any look that you want.

You don’t have to give up on your favourite pair of palazzos, or that crop top that you’re absolutely in love with. You just have to learn how to use them to your advantage, here’s help:

Crop for the Curvy

When people tell you that crop tops are only for leaner and thin girls, don’t listen to them. Crop tops have been a huge hot trend and continue to charm the fashion world ever since their comeback. If you are on the heavier side, try pairing your fitted crop top with a high-waisted maxi skirt or flared pants. This will give your waist a charismatic makeover and you can happily wear your favourite trend.


Play with Stripes

Remember the whole to-do list around stripes and how horizontal stripes are meant to make you look fat. Not completely true. If you are on the curvy side, you can go for horizontal blazers or shrugs, as long as you put thought into how you’re going to wear it. All you have to do is, wear thin stripes. The lengthening saga of the vertical stripes remains. For looking like a long lean woman, try out vertical striped pants or trouser in muted or dark shades. They look classy and add an edge to your attire.


Short Girl, Go Long!

Let’s burst the “short people should not wear maxi dresses” bubble once and for all. Short people can wear maxi dresses, especially the ones that are fitted around the waistline. People who are short and on the healthy side can also try the same. The narrow waistline will accentuate your curves. You can also choose a regular dress and add a high waist belt to it. Bodice dresses with high slits look incredibly sexy, and add an illusion of length. Also, use vertical stripes to your advantage when wearing maxi dresses. For accessories, chains of medium length add to the illusion of height.


Colour, Not Camouflage

If you are on the healthy side, wear only black because it makes you look thin. Naah! Black is awesome and goes well on everybody. Yes, it makes you look slimmer, but that should not limit the hues in your wardrobe. Use black to complement any other brighter colour that you choose to wear. For example, pair a bright orange dress with a casual black blazer. You can also wear a flaunting black top and pair it with mint green pants. But, why stick to black? A quick quirky tip would be to go for deeper colours like maroon, royal or midnight blue instead, to contour.


Print on, Plus-Size!

Ladies on the heavier side, do not shy away from prints just because you feel you can’t pull them off. Prints are fabulous and fun. Just be a little cautious while pairing them and you’ll be good to go. If you’re top-heavy, wear a skirt on loud print, and pair it with a single coloured tee or top. You can also add print to your attire in the form of kimonos. They are boho and create a very interesting look. If you do not wish to highlight an area, just make sure that the prints you’re wearing are not too loud or big.


Enough said. Now, go on and try something new today and love yourself the way you are. Fashion is for all and if done right, you can easily nail every fashion trend.