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How To Make The Most Of A Closet Shared With Your Partner

How To Make The Most Of A Closet Shared With Your Partner

One among the many first-world problems is sharing a closet with your partner. Think about it; two separate entities with two distinct needs finding a space to accommodate their stuff in one wardrobe. The thought of it all seems exhausting and it is also an extremely difficult task to tackle. Not everyone is blessed with a separate closet when sharing a living space with their significant other and the struggle is real. When one argues for a tad more space to squeeze in their last purchase, the other has to either give in or stick to their own ground. However, it is not always a war-struck zone. To tackle this problem, we’ve found a few hacks that can come in handy when setting up your shared closet. You could take it like a couple’s exercise or rather a detox session for a more breathable closet.

Hang multiple items on one hanger

This goes out to all the tank top loving girls who own one in every colour. If your closet has sufficient hanging space but you still wonder where all of that goes then the answer lies right here. Your top and t-shirts don’t need a hanger each in your closet. In fact, a lot of space can be saved if you group similar items together. Invest in durable hangers for both your partner and yourself especially avoiding the thin metal ones that don’t last more than a month. Your tees can also be hanged in a colour-coordinated pattern, by placing similar coloured ones on one hanger.

Use old shoe boxes as drawer organiser

Use old shoe boxes to place your tees the way you would file papers. Doing this reduces the space used by t-shirts when placed one on top of each other. Also, the boxes more or less act as compartments to avoid mixing of clothes. We understand wearing each other’s clothes is cute but there needs to be an order at times when you need to find your tees. A DIY as simple as this can prove to be the most useful hack when both your and your partner’s tees are piled up in a cluster, leaving no room for anything else.

Keep seasonal clothes out

This might come across as the most obvious thing to do but it’s also most often forgotten. Stuffing seasonal clothes with your regular wear just adds on to the clutter. Your seasonal clothes can be tucked inside your bed bunk or the additional storage space in the house. Let your closet breathe by allowing only the clothes that you wear on a daily basis. You sure can bargain on the space you both need for your stuff but finding the middle ground is ideal.