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Palazzos and How To Wear Them

Palazzos and How To Wear Them

Quite contrary to the popular belief they in fact make for quite the chic look. While you may think that you get boxed in and that it makes for a baggy garment, the palazzo in fact helps enhance your thighs and hips, giving you shape. They elongate the length of your legs and tend to make you look thinner if worn correctly. This loose and long versatile garment, hugely popular in the 60’s and 70’s make for stylish yet comfy attire. Need a few tips to work this trend? Dive right in.

Going Boho

When we think boho, we think of warm and rich colours in loose and flowing silhouettes. How better to support ‘loose’ than with palazzos? These wide bottoms can be paired with either a scalloped crop-top or with other boho essentials like a floppy hat or a fringed bag. Lingerie inspired top along with tribal-printed palazzo pants will make for the perfect outfit while out on vacation. Printed palazzo pants can be worn for even late night parties paired with chunky jewellery to flaunt your sassy fashion sense.

Ethnicity At Its Best

Palazzos can be ethnic too! With Indian prints like the badam and ‘Om’ prints, these comfy bottoms can be made to look very desi too. Pair your palazzo with your long flowing kurti and you’ve got yourself Indian attire looking traditional yet quirky. You could play with layers and style yourself in a palazzos and a layered kurta with an embroidered bodice for the wedding season or you could pair an ethnically printed pant with a short plain peplum for a brunch out with friends. Keep experimenting with different looks since the palazzo is the most versatile garment when it comes to trying new looks.

Très Chic

By now we have probably established how very ingenuous the palazzo pant is. However, making the palazzo look it’s chic best for a formal dinner or an A-list party can get tricky. Keep in mind that structure here matters. While we may associate the palazzo to be its easy breezy flowing self, they can have stiff silhouettes and make for a very chic outfit too. Keep the pant structured and choose from materials that accentuate your body type. For example, if you are skinny and petite, go for stiff fabrics like jacquard or brocade. Remember to keep it clean and stick to neutral colours to pull this look out best.

Calm and Classy

However relative the term ‘classic’ is we’ve got a few ideas to stay classy yet trendy. Certain prints remain classics and look great on any garment if paired well. Here, the palazzo is no exception. Striped palazzos or those with polka dots paired with a plain tee or a crop-top will always remain classic combos. Denim palazzos with printed tees and shirts transform into a great semi-formal look. You can experiment with prints however, keep in mind the footwear you are pairing with the outfit at all times.

Edgy is the New Classy

Despite us giving you a few tips on keeping it classy it will be wrong for us to hide the fact that palazzos too can be made to look edgy. Pair your palazzos with a leather biker jacket and you’re good to go. You could even add a fringed blazer and a pair of heels and make the look formal yet edgy. PS: adding a jacket like even a denim one with the pant will lend the look some structure.