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Pamper Your Sista!

Pamper Your Sista!

The most weirdest relationship of all the ones is love between a brother and a sister . It is usually never expressed but still is one of the strongest of all bonds. All the siblings love pulling each other’s legs, insult each other and do everything possible to irritate the other person. They end up doing anything and everything to annoy the other person but still ends up caring for them the most. So if you all share the same love-hate connection with your sib, then this Rakhsha Bandhan, for a change, maybe the chance for you all to make each other happy.

For all the girls, hunt for the most beautiful Rakhi for your special brothers. And for all the boys out there, this is your time to pamper your sweet sisters and make them feel important.

Here are some suggestions how you brothers can make your sister feel the bliss.


For girls who are trendy and love dressing up, in most updated styles, Mango jumpsuit or a dungaree will definitely brighten up their faces.


Brand Addict

Go to Sephora, and pick any fragrance, floral/musky/fruity. She will be blessed to have a brother like you. Furthermore, getting her a ‘Chance by Chanel’, the hottest seller this year, will make her brand conscious soul feel ultra satisfied.


Pampered Queen

Present her with a luxurious spa treatment. No matter what age she is, she will love it and admire your gift for a very long time. And if its from a 5 star hotel, than it will be a cherry on top.



Her elegance is her power? Get her a Swarovski pendant or bracelet so that it stays forever just like your love for her.



Harry Potter’s new novel will be the best option to present to your geeky sister where she can enjoy the monsoon rain with a cup of coffee and latest of another J.K. Rowling’s masterpiece. And if you are buying her a  Kindle, then she will be on top of the world.


Hope you all brothers and sisters have a blast this Raksha-Bandhan and share your sugary stories with us.