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3 Tips For Every Petite Fashionista To Keep in Mind

3 Tips For Every Petite Fashionista To Keep in Mind

Shopping is a phenomenon, and we won’t really digress from that statement. Not only are there too many things to keep in mind, the list only increases if you’re of a particular frame. Take for instance a petite girl. Forget the regular jokes like “Do you get to know last when it rains?” you’ve also probably heard things like, “How does it feel being that close to the ground?” Oh! And let’s discuss the sartorial worries, it doesn’t get any better, does it? The daily queries shot out to a girl who is 5’4″ or below range from, “Do you shop from the kids’ section?” to “This gown can fit like TWO of you.” We feel you girl! But truth is, some of us petite ones have the best style that exists. Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian West, Rooney Mara, and our Indian favourites like Alia Bhatt, Aditi Rao Hydari are all petite yet uber stylish. There are fashion bloggers who give us #PetiteStyleGoals everyday with their minimal yet offbeat style — Kate Ogata of The Fancy Pants Report, Sheryl Luke of Walk in Wonderland, Masoom Minawala of The Style Fiesta, Riya Jain of Caught In A Cuff, being a few. Nonetheless, there are tricks these names (and other petite fashionistas we haven’t mentioned) include in their daily looks just to get that fine #OOTD image you can pin on your fashion boards. Wondering what these are? We’ve listed 3 tips a petite girl’s got to keep in mind when setting out on your shopping spree.

Plunging Necklines

We doubt if you’ve noticed this, but we sure have. Deep-V necklines are best suited for short girls as it makes them look taller by creating an illusion of a longer silhouette. Also, it’s quite a flattering cut to be honest. Not too shy to show some skin? Plunging or scoop necklines are perfect for you then!

Pic Credit: Wendy’s Lookbook, Instagram

Shorter Hemlines

The shorter the hemline, the better for your petite frame is the truth. A hem ending right above-your-knee (or further up) is perfect to give away the appearance of height. That said, we’re all in for ‘wear whatever you want’. Nonetheless, if you’re opting for a maxi dress, make sure you sport a pair of heels so you don’t leave a portion of the dress trail behind you.

Pic Credit: The Style Fiesta, Instagram, Pinterest

Just-Right Inseams

Yes! You can choose any style of pants you want to. But the right way to fake your height is by wearing a rightly-tailored outfit. When opting for pants or jeans, ensure that you measure your inseam length just close to your actual inseams. Why? Because a well-tailored pair is actually instrumental in accentuating your frame.

Pic Credit: Instagram