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Prints Done Right

Prints Done Right

Monochromes and going minimalistic are the trends doing the rounds. However, wearing prints and being our colourful selves is something we love too! So, lets talk prints today. In prints its not just the colour, but also the size, shape, location of the selected print that has to be kept in mind. Lets reinvent our spring wardrobe by adding some jazz to the clothes we wear. Also, before we go any further it is important to keep in mind that it is essential to understand your body type and the prints that go with it. Too much to take in? Thats what we’re here for. Read on.

The Centre Print

If you have a rectangular body type, a big centre print can do you wonders. It takes the attention away from the sides and focusses on the centre. This also looks great on those who are on the leaner side since it takes away from only focusing on the centre, adding visual width to your body.

The Neck Print

If you come into the pear body-type, i.e those with broad hips and a narrow upper body should then opt for tops with neck prints. Any top with its prints concentrated around the neck and shoulders will make the shoulders look broader and balance it off with your waist.

The Full Print

This is by far the fastest way to gain weight, visually at least. Be it using mixed prints in monochrome or even with different colours, all are equally effective. Make sure the colours are bright and remember to never stop experimenting.

The Typographic Print

Lettering across the t-shirt leads often to unwanted attention. If you are on the bustier side, and have letters reading horizontally high up there, well…maybe you’ll want to think twice. Check out other options like diagonal lettering and lettering at the bottom. This shouldn’t be a bother and flaunting your thoughts across your chest shouldn’t be an issue either.

The Bottom print

If you have broad shoulders or if you are of the inverted-triangle body type, the bottom print hack will help make your hips look broader. A plain coloured top with prints at the bottom should do the trick.

The Repeat Print

Repeat prints can make you or break you in terms of weight. The print when scattered, will add weight and the print when clustered will remove weight. It is for you to decide whether you want to add or loose a few pounds, visually of course. What needs to be thought of however is that dark colours have a slimming effect while light colours do the opposite.

Edited by: Jehana Antia