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Ways To Maintain Your Wardrobe, According To Professional Organisers

Ways To Maintain Your Wardrobe, According To Professional Organisers

Decluttering your closet is tedious, and we know how difficult it can actually get. But you know what can get more hasslesome? Living with an untidy closet. If you dislike clutter, then organising your closet is the first step to owning a tidy space. While dumping all the clothes and accessories into the one closet we own (unlike some fortunate people) seems like an easy option, it can get to you when you start losing your pieces in the mess. Precisely why decluttering and re-organising is a must! To make your life easier, WODROB has researched and collated a few tips that you can incorporate into your wardrobe-cleaning routine. Most professional organisers swear by these tips and tricks, so you know it is an expert opinion.

Roll it up

Most of us either hang our clothes or fold it and then arrange it on shelves in the wardrobe. But with all the tugging and pulling of clothes out of the closet, this neatness lasts only for a few days. How do you avoid this? Try rolling the clothes up instead. This time-saving technique gives you more space to store additional items in your closet. And a bonus… it minimises the creases (as compared to folding) post ironing.

Display them

Short on wardrobe space? Hail the shelves on the wall! Display your favourite pieces onto floating shelves attached to the wall. This is also a great way to keep bags and shoes intact without ruining its shape. Additionally, it also makes for an aesthetically pleasing display. This trick will keep you organised and keep your hoarding habits at bay.

Divide and place

If you’re one who owns tonnes of cosmetics but dumps it all into a box because of lack of space, well, it’s time to rethink that. You definitely have ample of space in your drawers. The only reason you cannot figure that out is because of how scattered your belongings are in the closet. Which is why dividing your drawer into grids is a great option for storing makeup products in one place. it helps you keep a tab on the products you have so you can trace it when you need it.