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Reviving The Tie Movement

Reviving The Tie Movement

Do you remember the tie you snatched from your father’s closet as a five year old when wanted to play pretend businessman, or the one you wore to school as a part of your daily uniform or when you put one on to your first job interview? We’ve come to have a love/ hate relationship with the humble tie as it evokes memories of discipline or reminds us of a repetitive uniform. With the month of November upon us, we’ve set our sartorial gazes on men and are quite certain that the tie is bound to make its way back into your wardrobe in trendier versions.

Suit-up, because no one ever wrote a story about a man in his t-shirt

Athleisure might be having a prolonged moment in fashion, but as the trend grows common, just as us girls quietly mourn the high heel we ditched for a pair of new high-tops, we think it’s equally refreshing to see a guy don the modest suit with much flair instead of the scruffy casuals. It’s time to set your comfortable swag-suit combination of the t-shirt, blazer and sneakers aside and opt in favour of a classy arsenal instead. The latest incarnation of stylish men are swathed in peak lapel suits, french cuffs and great ties that exude a modern refinement.

It’s usually picking up the perfect choice of tie that gets most men into a fix – evade this dilemma by looking for ties that would fit perfectly into the wardrobe you already own.

If you own a heap of thin pinstripe patterned shirts, look for large patterns in ties that would complement them as this combination makes for a great visual appeal rather than a copy-cat pattern tie that would appear lost and camouflaged into the shirt. Ideally, the patterns on the tie must be bolder than the one on your shirts. You could then pair this with a plain navy blue or charcoal suit that would serve as a plain canvas to offset the pattern and colour in the shirt and tie. Additionally, while considering the width of your ties, bear in mind that they must be reflected by the width of your jacket lapels.


Get quirky with it

Leaving the bankers and traders uniform aside, the art of suiting up is all about finding a style that works for you to show people around you that you respect them enough to make an effort – and while you’re at it, your ties could speak volumes with their quirk appeal.

Printed silk-jacquard ties that offer geometric patterns, paisley motifs or cotemporary houndstooths will give your striped and polka-dotted ties a run for their money.

If you’ve had your fill with silk printed versions, then look for a textured tie to transform your entire outfit. These are available in a slew of knits that are usually squared off at the hems.  

For those of you that have a trusted tailor on speed-dial and love the idea of DIY, we suggest trotting over to your nearest fabric shop and picking up around a meter and a quarter (1.25mts) of a great handloom chanderi or brocade to handover to your tailor and make a customized one to your length and fit requirements. This will much desi-boy charm to the next big Indian wedding you plan to suit-up at.

When you’re feeling a bit fancy, try the Eldredge, the rose or the Merovingian – these names don’t come from a wine listing but are different types of knots that you can experiment with if you’re equipped with patient and creative hands.    

In the complex language of style the type of tie a man wears speaks volumes – just as the famous Justin Timberlake song goes, as long as he had his suit and tie, he felt he could take on anything


As the famous quote goes,”When in Rome, do as the Romans do” here are a bunch of ties to fit every jet-setting globe-trotter’s needs.

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