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We Asked 5 Guys What They Think About Rompers For Men

We Asked 5 Guys What They Think About Rompers For Men

So it is 2017! And just the other day, some of the guys at WODROB debated on why pink, despite it being an eye-catching colour, would NOT be a hue they’d opt for in the clothing department. While we were discussing this, the one trend that made headlines across fashion magazines was rompers for men. Emmm… yes! We’ve made no mistake, and you read that right. Rompers for men are a thing now fellas, and TBH we think it’s darn cool!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, a romper is a onesie, and is quite popular as a summer outfit for women. Taking (yet another) gender neutral step in fashion, ACED Design launched a KickStarter campaign called “RompHim”, a version of the rompers for men. One that comes in pastel hues and funky prints, RompHim is quite the garment for a not-so-basic guy. The concept has garnered praises from some who’ve called it the next big thing in menswear. But there are others from the fashion fraternity who’ve questioned the romper (or shall we call it the BROmper) on comfort and appropriation. Whatever be the case, the design house that was seeking to receive $10,000 on Kickstarter has now raised about $224,523 from 1,965 backers.

We asked around for opinion, and 5 Indian men told us what they think of rompers for dudes. Read on to know more…

Parikshaat Wadhwani_Men In Rompers_WodrobMag
Parikshat Wadhwani: I think rompers for men look quite chic if styled well and are really comfortable.Of course, it is a bit risky considering every body type may not be able to carry it off. I would love to wear rompers to a brunch or the beach. I think it is a great trend for the season, and men will do justice to it.

Prince John_Men In Rompers_WodrobMag
Prince John: I appreciate the design and style of man rompers but to be very honest, I am not going to try or wear it. I think such styles don’t suit me. That said, l would definitely like to see this trend tried by guys who are capable of carrying it off well.

Anurag Sharma_Men In Rompers_WodrobMag
Anurag Sharma: I think rompers for men are pretty cool and comfortable especially in this hot weather. The pros would be that it is comfortable and trendy. And cons…frankly, I can’t think of any. I would definitely go ahead with the trend, and wear it during the weekend, maybe to a casual brunch or a coffee date.

Suman Airish Barik
Suman Airish Barik: Rompers are the best thing that you can ever ask for in summer. The silhouette is very fresh for men. I love rompers, and it is a yes from my side. But, rompers are actually for women. So, men might be in a dilemma to try it. Then again, it is for people who are up for experimenting. Rompers are the big time revolution in men’s fashion. Not only are people already liking it, it is also comfortable and easy to wear.

Nirav Bhimani_Men In Rompers_WodrobMag
Nirav Bhimani: I think a romper for men is a nice outfit and those who can rock it should definitely try it. I wouldn’t shy away from wearing a romper that is made to my size and tailored the way I want it to. Menswear designers globally have played with this outfit and remodelled it in structures and cuts, colours and patterns. This utilitarian piece of clothing is so iconic and inherently male.

Think of this trend as a ‘must try’ or wonder what’s going on? We’d love to know your thoughts. Comment!