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Runway To Garba: 5 Trends You Can Wear At That Dance Celebration

Runway To Garba: 5 Trends You Can Wear At That Dance Celebration

The energies are rising. Dance and fitness studios are making big bucks with ‘learn dandiya’ or ‘garba workout’ sessions. The markets are buzzing with banter of enthusiastic shoppers scouring for loud, bold outfits that they can wear during the longer than week-long festival. It’s almost here, but your outfits aren’t ready – still wondering whether to rent them out or invest an amount that’ll leave you with guilt later, to get those outfits made, that you may never wear again?

Why fret, when you can definitely use outfits from your wardrobe. Interestingly, the Winter Festive runway brings in lots of inspiration. Take cue, mix and match, and set the dance floor on fire, not just with your dance moves:

Prop a Crop

Crop tops have been in vogue for more than two seasons now. And they continue to be selling like hot cakes. Invest in plain, classy, silk crops with statement stone work around the neckline.

WM tip: If you do not have an embellished crop top, wear a plain one and get all your oxidized jewellery out. Sleeveless crop tops can be paired up with stacks of traditional ivory arm bangles. A long, flowy lehenga skirt would be an ideal match with the crop.


Sheer It, Dear!

You’re going to be dancing. You’re going to be sweating. Does it really make sense to wear those thick, warm clothes made even thicker with all that embroidery and mirror-work? Let your skin breathe while you dance your heart out – opt for sheers. That way you’re rocking a hot trend, at the same time, not feeling too hot as you dance your heart out.

WM tip: When dancing, plunging necklines are a bad idea. That’s why people leave their back bare instead. Keep this in mind when playing with sheer fabrics. Avoid wearing tops that have any portion in the front as sheer, unless of course, it’s around the waist.


Let Flow Ring a Bell

Fluidity is big this season – especially when it comes to sleeves. Opt for really loose, big bell sleeves. Go in for either high necklines or go bare with off-shoulders.

WM tip: While bell-sleeved bolero jackets look prettiest on fitted silhouettes, pair those or bell sleeved bell crops with lehenga skirts. Let all that fabric swirl while you twirl.

Bell sleeves

Get Waisted, Get High

High waists are making a comeback this season – especially, tailored trousers and palazzos. Wear your skirts high or really loose and flowy palazzos.

WM tip: Pair a loose, bell-sleeved, off-shoulder crop top with high-waisted palazzos in ethnic prints. Let statement necklaces and kadas to all the talking.

High Waist

Layer and Swirl

Layering allows you to play with colour-blocking. Wear your formal shirt with sleeves rolled upto your elbows, tuck it into high-waisted lehenga skirt, put on a floor-length sleeveless shrug, and go berserk decorating yourself with chunky jewellery. berserk, we mean do it tastefully.

WM tip: To avoid feeling hot, opt for lighter fabrics. Concentrate on bringing in vibrant colours or putting together interesting patterns. You don’t have to be covered in mirror work to attract attention.


Now go, dress up and dance!