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Your Boring Wardrobe Needs The Aastha Sharma X SbuyS Collab Pieces STAT

Your Boring Wardrobe Needs The Aastha Sharma X SbuyS Collab Pieces STAT

If you’re well-acquainted with the Indo-fashion scene, celebrity stylist Aastha Sharma is one name you must have definitely heard of. Catering to a client list that ranges from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Esha Gupta, Disha Patani, and others, Aastha has played quite the part in making Bollywood’s fashionistas internationally noticeable. The infamous Aishwarya Rai’s Michael Cinco gown at the 70th Cannes Film Festival is not something you can easily forget. From creating the biggest red carpet moments of the year, this celebrity stylist has now stepped into the role of a designer. Her recent collaboration with SBuyS for her very first clothing line is undoubtedly the answer to every woman’s quest for versatile pieces that turn into wardrobe staples. A perfect combination of bold silhouettes and bright colours, Aastha’s SBuyS collection brings out a sense of fierceness with a hint of sexy. The 20-piece collection not just reflects her personal style but also keeps in mind a larger audience. Team WODROB caught up with Aastha to get an insight on the collaboration, what goes BTS, and much more. Read on for an exclusive interview.

From styling to collaborating on a line, tell us how the change came about?

Fashion designing is something new to me and this is the first project I have worked on as a designer. Initially, I did not know how to sketch but I did learn a lot in the process, be it about fabric selection, putting the pieces together, understanding the market and the customers. I also realised how important it is to have an eye for colour. When you style a celebrity, they have a standard model size. Also, it is not always relatable. In the world of fast fashion, people want a lot of options. With SBuyS, I wanted to design something that is wearable, fashionable and affordable. It was a different learning experience altogether.

Why and how did you opt to design for SBUYS among all brands?

A friend in a marketing agency called iSocial called me up to say that SBuyS was on the lookout to collaborate for a collection. They later saw my work profile and got in touch with me, and that’s where it all started. It was a lot of fun as it was a first-time experience.

What is the target audience for the collection?

There is no specific age group we intended to target with this collection. The clothes go well for every age group. While designing the line, I had to keep in mind comfort, complexion, age factor, body type, purchasing power, and more.

Tell us what has been your inspiration while creating these pieces?

Since it is my first collection, I wanted it to fit into every bill and not be OTT. There are elements of fun and ease along with wearable silhouettes. The outfits are versatile and can be easily paired with a tank top or your go-to jeans. They also reflect my personal style, which is easy, relaxed and real. It could even fit into a 15-year-old, college-going teenage girl’s wardrobe. You can also layer the pieces. I like something that can transition from day to night as my life is hectic and I have a lot of commitments throughout the day. The clothes should reflect sexiness, smartness, but also be wearable.

Did you always intend to design your own line? Also, does being a stylist help you when it comes to designing?

I never had an inclination as such. Clothes fascinate me and I work with clothes all day long. We had a fantastic team working back-to-back every day. As far as other collaborations go, it all depends on the project. It should excite me and ultimately be worth all those hours of hard work.

Which are your favourite pieces from this collection?

There’s a yellow cold-shoulder dress with a black detailing at the hem, it was also worn by Esha Gupta. Also, a frill polka dot dress.