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Scarf Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Scarf Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter is all about comfort, hot chocolate and warm, fuzzy clothes! Layers are definitely the best outfit options for those who are winter-smitten and anticipate the season all around the year. Unlike warmer weather, where you have to wear so little there with umpteen number of ways to express yourself through your wardrobe – winter doesn’t give you many options! At this juncture, your oversized jackets, hoodies, cardigans, turtlenecks and ponchos come to your rescue. Boring, eh?

So, what’s the good news? You can work up with any outfit with a versatile, magical piece of style, what we call a scarf!

Layers are one thing, but who doesn’t love a good accessory? Sure thing, scarves not only help to keep yourself warm but are also a great way to dress up any outfit. Even the most basic dress can turn out to be fresh and updated with a scarf wrapped around the neck. A majority of women immediately imagine the traditional wrap when thinking about scarves. However, the scarves offered now come in a variety of options with a number of designs that stand above the rest.

Since the chilly weather has already arrived, we bring to you 5 look guides to the most amazing styles in which you can tie your scarf!

#1 Fashion knot

Bored with flowy cardigans? Rekindle your layers with a gorgeous fashion knot scarf!

You can double up two different thin scarves for a dual-toned effect enunciating the innovation of your accessory. It looks just as trendy and charming as it compliments your outfit at the best with its meticulous details. Bring your v-neck sweater top or office suit alive with an oblong scarf, or embrace the hip student look with a tee under pinafore dress over leggings and neck tie scarf.

Kick off this look at its best with a long beige overcoat and knee-high boots. Flaunt the knot wrapping the scarf very close to your neck and tuck the rest of the material under your coat. A brooch pinned at the knot would just add up to the dazzle. You’ve got to look as fashionable as your knot!

WM tip: Long pashmina or cashmere scarves are the best choices for this style. They offer that rich, definitive texture you want for this style. Remember to let the knot appear chunky.

Follow the steps below on how to tie the fashion knot and its variations.

#2 Knot, Twist and Drape

Wondering what’s the best style to wear a scarf with a collared outfit? The knot, twist and drape is the thing for you!

This style works miraculously with outfits having collars as it sits beneath them and resembles a modern tie fashion. If worn over full-sleeved clothes, the results of the look are even better. You can fringe out the edges of the scarf to for a fancy look.

If a plain black or white shirt with matching trousers that offer a clean cut silhouette when paired together are your pick – wear a contrasting striped scarf to spruce it up. You can add a leather tote bag for a formal appearance. But, black pumps are a must.

You can get this style to work with formal or semi-formal clothes and wear it to a meeting or a family brunch. No matter what, you will always have people asking you about this scarf mantra, wherever you go.

WM tip: Choose linen or silk material for your scarf as it will give you the required volume, without appearing too over-the-top. Mix prints with stripes for a dainty yet fun look.

Follow the steps below on how to tie the scarf knot, twist and drape style.


#3 The Infinity Loop

An infinity scarf is a large, closed loop of fabric that can be worn in a variety of trendy ways. This scarf is so versatile that it can even be worn as a capelet or shawl if wrapped correctly.

The infinity loop best goes with elongated and flowy silhouettes like gowns and long circular skirts. It is one of the easiest ways to wear a scarf, especially when you’re in a jiffy. They look great when worn on tops with high and rounded necklines. You can club printed scarf with a textured outfit like that of a solid- coloured turtleneck top or any other clothing with contrasting patterns. This style is ideally suited to women who have a bigger bosom and helps them to cover up quite efficiently.

For best results, a long, pleated printed skirt worn with a plain white short scoop-neck t-shirt might be just what you want to try out with a matching scarf tied in an infinity loop. A denim jacket could be included to keep you warm. Play it up with a pair of chic cowboy boots and swirl in style!

WM tip: Invest in faux pashmina scarves that come in a variety of prints and are also well-known for their warmth and fit. Wear this style to add a pop of colour when wearing plain t-shirts.

#4  Loop-n-through

Surely, knit scarves are a winter classic, but they also follow fashion in terms of not only the way they are worn but their texture, color, weight and pattern. All you need to ensure is that it’s chunky! Loop-n-through is a style that can liven up the two-dimensional structure of basic knit scarves.

Wearing pastel coloured knit scarfs that are longer in length is a great idea to cover up during a cold day. You can complete the look with a beanie and look like a cutie fresh from school. You can also pop on denim shorts along with them but don’t forget to don a pair of tights underneath to save yourself from the cold. Needless to say, don’t forget to wear a pair of matching booties!

Be mindful about the volume of your knot, as it ought to be proportional and balanced out with the rest of your outfit. For achieving an equilibrium between the length of your outfit and the chunk of your scarf, choose an elongated one always. Loop-n-Through knot is the simplest of all, a versatile style and goes almost with any type of outfit and so, this technique should be your first lesson into the world of wearing scarves.

WM tip: Pick a pastel-colored, close-knit scarf. Knitted woollen scarves are much warmer, softer and lighter than any in their kinds and are ideally the best for an all-day wear during harsh winters.


#5  The Atlantis knot

Yes! It’s time to bring the huge blanket scarves out for the forthcoming clever and tasteful style, called as the Atlantis knot.

Square scarves are traditional epitomes of class and have a fashionably understated taste. Generally, we get checkered, square blanket scarves in the market capable of pulling this style together. They are great alternatives to shawls and cover up almost the entire upper body. This style works great with lean silhouettes, like that of skinny jeans and snug jackets that help you appear feminine at the same time.

You can wear this style to college or a lunch date. Team it up with a well-fitted pair of jeans or flared hem shift dress or just a simple, plain top. Pin the scarf to your outfit at the nape of your neck to prevent it from falling off. A leather jacket with a pair of riding boots or ankle cut-offs would be a great add-on to complete the entire outlook.

WM tip: A jersey or linen material will offer you a great deal of comfort and coverage whilst looking decent and elegant at the same time. Avoid thick fabric for this style as it could make you feel claustrophobic. Use square scarves and also wear this style over solid colored tops for an enhanced effect.

Follow the crash steps below for embracing this style (FYI the first knot in the video is Atlantis knot)

Tying scarves is no rocket science but a very effortless way to flaunt your creativity and outshine in winter. And you can’t get called out for wearing too many and being overdressed, because not only are they fashionable, but they are necessary. Don’t take one off before you leave the house, put two on!