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Adopt These 5 Simple Habits For An Uber-Stylish Life

Adopt These 5 Simple Habits For An Uber-Stylish Life

Being stylish isn’t all about buying the latest trends or emptying those pockets on just-launched MAC products. It will probably come as a surprise to you (and we might as well be the ones to inform you) that the women you deem ‘fashionable’ religiously follow a few habits to look like they do.

While staying in the know of trends is very important as they fetch you instant gratification, six months down the line you’ll be on the search for something fresh all over again. Which is why we’ve jotted down five easy ways to help you always stay in vogue. All you’ve got to do is go through them and start practising ASAP!

Stick to your individuality

Take a look at your favourite fashion bloggers; they’ve all got an individual style to flaunt and that’s why they are an inspiration.
There’s no harm in following trends. What’s important is how you make these trends your own. We suggest you style yourself according to your personality. There’s nothing better than being confident with your personal style. Own it girl, ’cause we know you’ve got it!

Photo Credit: Kayaan Contractor, Juhi Godambe, Shereen Sikka Bharwani

Organise your closet

We’ve all seen those chick-flicks wherein the stylish protagonist has her clothes strewn around her room. And we’ve all thought to ourselves: “Wow! That’s my dreamland”. But here’s assuring you that women who take their style seriously are way more organised than you may think. Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s closet? Spick and span is the name of the game girls, and it is time you get that space organised. It will only help you speed up the process of selecting an outfit and amp up your style game. Also, take a cue from WODROB. We’re all about closet management, you know that!

Don’t dress to be labelled stylish

Before the rise of #OOTD and #LOTD, women dressed for themselves. Sporting stilettos you’re uncomfortable in or constantly adjusting that neckline is not being stylish, it’s pretty foolish if you ask us.
While you may be accustomed to hearing “for the love of fashion”, it doesn’t always hold true. Comfortable can be stylish too, and if the sneaker trend and mom-jeans isn’t telling you just that, we don’t know what will. Dress for yourselves young women, and no one will be able to take you at the style game that’s yours!

Give yourself enough time to get ready

Not all of us have the gift of dressing up in ten minutes flat. Which is why give yourself enough time to examine your look. If you’re a morning person, wake up early enough to plan your outfit and execute it to the ‘T’. If not, organise your look a day in advance. For the time’s when decision making is an issue, resort to closet management apps (like WODROB) to make life easier. Planning ahead of time is always a boon and the same holds in fashion.


Keep those style hacks handy

The most fashionable people you know resort to hacks not only during hours of need but regularly. Tuck in half your shirt or add a pair of sneakers to easily transform a semi-formal look to casual. Whether it is a vintage gown with an odour stain or a fraying leather belt, we’re sooner or later going to encounter one of these #stylewoes. So it’s time to start following hacks that will help simplify life.

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