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3 Ways To Ace The Print-On-Print Trend Like A Fashion Pro

3 Ways To Ace The Print-On-Print Trend Like A Fashion Pro

When it comes to nailing fashion trends, we’d rank mixing prints right on the top. Our reason for it is simply the risky nature of it all. With layering prints, you want to get it right before you step out without resembling a circus ringleader. We understand that solids with prints have been the age-old tradition and it might get intimidating to work different prints in one ensemble. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can incorporate to ace the print-on-print trend. Read along as we show you how to wear mixed prints to match your jovial souls.

Mix Bold And Subtle Prints

Mixing print on print shouldn’t overpower your persona. Which is why going for a subtle print with a bold one is a perfect way out. Prints and patterns that have bigger motifs are best sported with subdued prints. Try layering the two and add monotone accessories with it.


Team It With Stripes Or Checks

This is for all those who love classic stripes. Be it horizontal, vertical or diagonal, your wardrobe staple can get a makeover if you style it with a printed silhouette. Elevate your button-down striped shirt with a pleated floral skirt or sport your cigarette pants with a printed blouse.  Checkered shirts are a great substitute to stripes and work well with prints.


Follow A Colour Palette

Talking about what colours work well with what, we often relate mixing prints with using varied colour. The key is to pair complementary colours from the colour wheel. It basically means you need to work with hues that go well together. It’s not only less jarring to the eyes but gives a cool twist to your colour-coordinated outfits.

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