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3 Must-Know Style Hacks Perfect For Bigger Guys

3 Must-Know Style Hacks Perfect For Bigger Guys

In a world where we’re equally different, we believe that everyone has their own style mantra. Today on our radar are guys with a larger physique. It’s often seen that bigger guys generally end up opting for the same old boring tees that come in dark hues. Also, more often than not, such men tend to dress only to hide their bulges. We understand the struggle of finding the right fit no matter what your size. But fashion is anything but boring. Which is why you too can adopt a trick or two to look sleek. But before anything, we urge you to do away with all the notions you have about plus size dressing. Believe us when we say that there are numerous ways to amp up your closet no matter what your size. Now’s the time to discard those numerous only-black tees and take a style cue from WODROB as we give you hacks to try out STAT.

Go bold with prints

To start off with, opt for bold prints. Nobody can carry prints better than men with broad shoulders. It’s easier to wear a boring solid tee and just get done with it. Nonetheless, a little experimentation never hurt anybody. Moreover, prints on bold colours look better on bigger dudes than it would on a petite guy. A simple trick is to try this along with layering your outfit. Think of a camo-printed shirt worn over a plain white tee or a crisp printed shirt. Layering print on print is a great idea for any man daring enough to pull it off.

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Pic Credit: Daniel Horvath (Instagram), Zach Miko (Instagram), Allan Claudius (Instagram)

Vests are in

You probably misjudged the concept of vests on men if you ever thought it’d only look good on petite guys or men with a great physique. Vests with a V-neck are extremely flattering on bigger guys. Also, it makes for a great wardrobe staple. Invest in pieces which are of your size and not necessarily baggy. A printed vest or one with slogans on it look trendy and can be paired up with shorts or a pair of track pants of your choice.

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Pic Credit: Pinterest

Stock up on tees

Lastly, you always need to get basics right. That goes while styling your own self too. Bigger guys tend to buy sloppy or baggy t-shirts usually a size or two larger. In case you’re one among those… here’s a myth buster. The trick is to always dress your size. A t-shirt may be baggy but irrespective of that fact, it must always fall correctly on the shoulders. We suggest you stock up on the right size because one can’t really go wrong with tried and tested formulas. You might not get it right the first time but work on it till you find what fits you best. A well-fitting tee will give you a slimmer appeal rather than the oversized ones.

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Pic Credit: Pinterest