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5 Sartorial Tips For A Stress-Free Travel This Summer

5 Sartorial Tips For A Stress-Free Travel This Summer

Come summer, and the one word we’ve all got on our minds is wanderlust! Because there’s nothing that a mini vacay can’t cure. We do know it’s the best therapy for those of us who are sweating it out in the hustle and bustle of the city. Be it a calming trip to the mountains or a plan to turn into the beach bum you actually are, we can’t stress enough on the joys of escape. Exactly why, we’ve planned this series called #WODROBescape, where we give you everything from tips, tricks and shopping ideas for when you’re off to your next destination. Read on, happy traveller!

We know you’re all set to take off for the summer but we also know that packing for a summer getaway can be highly stressful. While you don’t want to over pack, there’s no way you want to under pack either, right? Whether you’re a fashionista or a no-frills traveller, packing can be quite a daunting task, and that’s why we’re here. To help!

Our first advice to you is be PRACTICAL and if that means you cannot pack your fave sequined dress, so be it. Choose items that can be layered and worn more than once and in different combinations. After a few luggage situations and immense frustration, we at WODROB have learned to travel light but guess what? We do it in style. Is that even possible? YES, it is and let us tell you how.

Always Plan Ahead

First things first, always know your limit. There is nothing more embarrassing than getting to an airport and emptying your suitcase in front of a crowd. To avoid this, research and plan ahead. Start making additions to your suitcase at least two weeks prior. Slowly but surely you’ll have had listed out all the necessary items. Avoid last minute impulse dumping (yes, we always knew you did that). Use social media to inspire you when it comes to packing but take along outfits ONLY based on your personal style. You don’t want to be stranded on a remote beach with nothing you like to wear. There’s no coming home, remember?

Check The Weather Forecast

Whether you are heading to the beach, the hills, a big city or a remote village, always remember to check weather forecasts days in advance and pack accordingly. Similarly, have keep in mind the activities you have planned. If you are visiting cultural, religious sites on your trip, you’ll have to dress modestly. However, if you plan on a beach visit the next day, you don’t want to sunbathe in a tunic, do you?

Mix and Match

While it is advised to pack more tops than bottoms, we’d say pack in a way you can mix and match your outfits. Don’t forget the white classic tee instead of the embroidered one to pair it with both your ripped jeans and under your slip dress.  Smart, ain’t it? Pack clothes that will go with everything. Stick to neutral colours appropriate for the season, and you’ll be able to maximise how you utilise every single piece you pack. Layering helps solve many issues too, trust us.

Carry A Good Pair Of Heels ALWAYS

Place your best bet on comfort wear when you are travelling. Wait, if you’re thinking comfort means unstylish, we can’t tell you how wrong you are. Also, by comfort we don’t mean only white sneakers. Pack your shiny pumps and even your sling-back sandals (carry enough band-aid too or, just read these hacks we have here). This may sound odd but we’ll tell you nonetheless, we advise you to always carry a great pair of heels. You never know what may happen or who you’d bump into when you’re off to your dream destination.

Carry Accessories You Can Re-use

Some of you may avoid carrying any accessories with you while travelling, but we assure you there are some of us who carry a pouch full of things. There can be a balance, you know? Pack accessories that can be worn in more ways than one, and also with several outfits. Carrying outfit-specific accessory is a strict non-no. Carry a stretchable choker that can be doubled up as an armband as well and be part of your casual-sporty look. You can do the same with a bandana or a scarf. Pack your accessories wisely.
WM Tip: If packing accessories isn’t your thing, go for a minimal layered chain that goes with any outfit.

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