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4 Simple Styling Tricks For Women With Major Wanderlust

4 Simple Styling Tricks For Women With Major Wanderlust

Come summer, and the one word we’ve all got on our minds is wanderlust! Because there’s nothing that a mini vacay can’t cure. We do know it’s the best therapy for those of us who are sweating it out in the hustle and bustle of the city. Be it a calming trip to the mountains or a plan to turn into the beach bum you actually are, we can’t stress enough on the joys of escape. Exactly why, we’ve planned this series called #WODROBescape, where we give you everything from tips, tricks and shopping ideas for when you’re off to your next destination. Read on, happy traveller!

Fashion, travel, and gourmet food are the basics that we abide by here at WODROB. And let’s just say that post all things style and travel are priority. Especially now since it’s vacay season, we can’t be less excited to board that plane and zoom away. But the fashion junkies that we are, there’s this want of everything to be picture perfect. From airport looks to a sunny beach ensemble, and even a hike-perfect outfit, don’t you wish you could give Kangana Ranaut and Gigi Hadid a run for their money? Well, well! If that’s what you need, you’ve come to the right place.

While we’ve already given you a rundown on how to travel and pack sensibly, we haven’t discussed how to look Insta-ready when you’re vacationing, have we? Travelling can be tedious for us fashionistas because other than being unaware of what may suddenly turn up, there’s also space and luggage restrictions (double sigh). So, let’s get right to it. We’ve jotted down a few tips on how to look your glam self along with being comfortable when you’re travelling. Don’t believe us? Just read on.

Switch Jeans For Leggings

No love is greater than denim love, and we’ll vouch for that. But when travelling, we suggest leaving those heavy-weight jeans at home. The next time you’re packing for a vacation, substitute your ripped, slashed or cropped jeans for a pair of comfortable yet stylish leggings (yay for athleisure). Other than it being ‘lightweight’ outfits, leggings also tend to be extremely versatile when it comes to styling. Choose animal print ones and pair it with a plain black or white tee. Layer it with a jacket for the day when you’re off sight-seeing. What more? You can rework the same leggings with a crop top; add on heels for a casual night out. If you want it to be more versatile, choose a black pair that comes with side-stitched embellishments. You can even try even cut-out leggings and we think you’ll get yourself an amped-up look. The best part about this outfit is the comfort value. Oh! A pair of tights also doubles up as on flight attire!

Pic Credit: Pinterest

Sport That Lightweight Neutral Jacket

The temperature drops in flight can be a nightmare. And you can’t possibly carry a different jacket to match every look right? So that’s why we’ve great styling news: You don’t have to. Pack yourself a neutral jacket that you can sport to multiple occasions. Thanks to the neutral shade, we’d suggest tan or mocha, the jacket can be teamed with most of your outfits. Whether you need some on-flight layering or want something to keep you warm during unexpected romantic nights with your SO, this piece will prove to be your go-to throughout the trip. Pair this neutral jacket over a slip dress, a crop top, or with travelling basics like a white top and jeans (we mean tights) and you’ve got yourself the perfect uber-cool look. Oh, and when in doubt, go for a leather jacket. Not only will it keep you warmer, it’s also a chic add-on to most sleek ensembles.

Step Into Ladylike Pointed-Toe Shoes

We understand you were expecting sneakers in this post. But here, girls, we’re all about a little experimentation. While sneakers will save your outfit when you’re on a casual dinner, what if you are asked out on a date? This is why we think a pair of pointed-toe flats is a great travelling companion. These shoes can be paired perfectly with a casual outfit and also when you’re working a formal midi dress or skirt. It can also be worn with high-waisted joggers and a crop-top and take that whole look to a new level. Try it!
WM Tip: Always choose the correct size when it comes to pointed-toe shoes because of their narrow silhouette. You don’t want to be suffering from calluses and shoe bites when on your dream vacation.

Let A Mini Bag Be Your Arm Candy

We all have that one tiny bag, whether it is a backpack or a sling, that looks tiny but is insanely spacious. You know the kinds you should carry when on your next trip. It will help keep your on-the-go lip gloss and mascara intact. Also, it may double up as your last minute resort to that one extra tee or scarf that you’ve got to carry in case you spontaneously decide to take a dip in the pool. If you ask us, we’ll advise you to carry a bag that comes with a long sling. It’ll be convenient and not come in the way of you having a gala trip.

Pic Credit: Pinterest, Gary Pepper