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5 Styling Tips For Men To Amp Up That Formal Attire

5 Styling Tips For Men To Amp Up That Formal Attire

Most of the times we’re taking you through the do’s and dont’s of everyday styling for men. And so, we thought we’d talk about formal attire today. When we think of ‘formal attire’, more often that not we mean business formals. Offices usually follow a strict dress code policy, but what about the times they don’t? You can’t just barge into your boardroom in regular casuals, can you? Well, that’s where we come into the picture. Sure you can dress yourselves but a little help never hurt nobody.

We know you’ve got your apparel (ties, shirts and pants) sorted. But you just cannot miss out certain details. Read on to perfect your formal look and thank us later.

Simple Is Classic

There is a very good reason why a white shirt, a black formal pant, and a single-breasted jacket is considered a staple. What’s that you ask? It is a classic and the chances of going wrong with it is slim. If your personality demands more, there are various ways of adding interest to your suit. You can work a coloured suit or a patterned one should do the trick. However, keep in mind that you go for one or the other. If you have a bright shirt, pair it with a subtle pant and blazer whereas if it is a checkered suit, team it up with a plain solid-coloured shirt. Stay simple; with that there are more chances of looking classy. Overdo it and you might mess it up.

It’s All About The Shirt

While you may think ‘how difficult can it be to wear a formal shirt’, there are a few things to always keep in mind. The collar, a formal shirt’s most-prominent feature, should not be overlooked. A point-collar (left) or a spread-collar (centre) are your safest bets. Button-down collars too make a good option but are the least formal among all three. Cuffs too are an important aspect to the shirt. Often overlooked, shirt cuffs are one of the visible features on the jacket. Make sure the cuffs are always seen. They shouldn’t be too long either. You don’t want them coming in between your official handshake now, do you?

Tailored Pants? Yes Please!

We’re sure you’ve taken away a few tips from our guide on how to balance your pants, shoes and socks. (If not, read it here). Always ensure proper sizing when it comes to trousers. You should ALWAYS try pants on with your dress shoes so you know the exact length of it. Pants that end before or just at your ankles are a definite no-no in formal attire. Also, make sure that the pant isn’t too long or gathering at your ankle. Nothing says ‘I don’t know how to dress well’ than an ill-fitting pair of pants. You’ll only look sloppy and lose your charm at an investor’s meeting.

Tie Tips 101

We know that a black tie remains is the standard for formal attire since James Bond in the thirties to the Duke of Windsor. However, today there are many tie options to choose from if you’re not the Bond kinda guy. We’re sure you know the different ones out that are in the market. (If not, you should read our guide on ties here). The length of your tie should be your biggest concern…and the width of it too. A tie is probably the first thing that people notice. Learning the simplest tie knot to perfection will goes a long way.

Accessorise Now

Even if you try every combo possible with your shirts and ties in your closet, it will still feel like you are wearing the same thing again and again. Accessorising isn’t only a girl’s game. In fact, you can accessorise too! Spruce your look up with stylish accessories like a cufflinks, a watch, a pocket-square or even a pair of glasses.
WM Tip: FYI formal doesn’t have to be boring.