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Take Note Of The Sunglass Trends We’re Crushing On NOW

Take Note Of The Sunglass Trends We’re Crushing On NOW

Everyone has a standard pair of go-to sunglasses. In fact, season after season labels and designers bring forth a number of fresh eyewear styles that add a zing to one’s ensemble. Scrolling through various social media handles and finding what’s in vogue can be pretty exhausting. Guess what! We’ve got you covered. At WODROB, we narrowed it down to three trends that will instantly upgrade your sunglasses game. No matter what your face shape, style or vibe, we have a pair for your summertime madness.

Tinted Aviators

Say goodbye to geeky glasses because RN summer’s biggest eyewear trend is tinted aviators, and it only seems to be getting bigger. We witnessed it when the models strut down the Gucci Spring 2017 runway. That’s not all, even trendsetters have been sporting these and must we add, they’re pretty chic. Whether you’re seeking for a perfectly sunlit selfie or want it as a colorful prop set up next to your latte, these stylish shades will definitely be your new pair to flaunt.

Tinted Aviators_WodrobMag
Pic Credit: Pinterest, Instagram

Etched Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat eyes have been an iconic accessory and most of us have been lusting over it for a while now. Everything from the marbled to the etched corners are sunglasses we’d want to add to that shopping cart STAT. The edgier cuts this season are a fresh take on the classic retro style, and that’s why it is a must try this summer. We strongly feel that sunglasses serve a greater purpose than just protecting the eye. So why not wear this stylish pair of sunnies as a statement piece and fetch some compliments in the bargain?

Pic Credit: Celeb Mafia, Pinterest

Matrix-Inspired Sunglasses

Looks like fashion is taking inspiration from the sci-fi world. Don’t believe us? Well, you will when you see these IT-glasses that are currently trending everywhere. Ones that were once a Neo-favourite (read: Matrix) and was seen on the Balenciaga runway last season is now a fashion-forward eyewear trend. It’s for the brave-hearted fashionista who doesn’t shy away from not-so-usual trends. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid sported their own versions of this super skinny glasses, and we think you should definitely try it too.

Pic Credit: Vogue, Pinterest