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Fashion Recommendations Built Around Your Closet

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Those comforting clothes that kept you cool in the summers just won’t do by themselves as the air gets nippy. Luckily layering isn’t an option restricted to women alone, men can master the trick without looking like they’ve just returned from a trip to Shimla.


Layering correctly using lightweight garments is key in a climate that isn’t too chilly yet has bursts of heat in the afternoons – it’s just like simple math, addition and subtraction! Scarves can keep you warm on your daily commute especially where riding a bike is concerned, and can be easily removed to avoid burning up when stuffed in crowded places. Shake off any assumptions you have about scarves being too feminine – it’s all about pulling them off with a dare to wear attitude.

Heavy jackets can be an inconvenience to lug around if the weather takes a strange turn, this is where scarves can be your new friends as they can help when you want to streamline transitions between the indoors or outdoors.

WM Tip: Look for warm woollen blends that have neutral shades and a great checks pattern.


Cardigans and sweater vests

Often known for being more geek than chic, a cardigan and a sweater vest is a great addition to your winter wardrobe. If you’re wearing all one shade, you risk looking silly, the idea is to limit yourself to two shades that go well together, these could be as simple as a blue and grey.

A buttoned cardigan is a convenient layer to add on that can be quickly dispensed in case of sudden sun.

WM Tip: Don’t be afraid to look for cool patterns on the cardigans, if you’re feeling especially trendy, argyle patterns are our personal favourite – they give off such a dandy vibe!


Varsity jacket

You’ve probably seen a couple of jocks wear these on American teenage movies,they look cool yet sporty and are unisex – varsity or letterman jackets are the item-du-jour!

They are perfect for when your boring old t-shirt is looking for an instant dash of cool. Spice up any basic tee by sporting a varsity jacket over it, as the latest versions come in a slew of prints and patches.

Fashion victims in Mumbai often fall prey to the ever spunky leather jacket, but often end up regretting it (à la Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S with the leather and sweat debacle). If leather is something your fashion buds truly covet, we suggest opting for faux polyurethane versions instead that have the devil in the details with minimal hints of leather.

WM Tip: Sport your varsity look in true jock-style with a pair of white sneakers and great jeans.