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T-shirts That Flatter Every Man

T-shirts That Flatter Every Man

Clothes can often perform visually clinical procedures on your body and we’re here to tell you exactly what t-shirt looks best on what body type.

The chubby dude

Your body: A full-bodied man whose identifiable by the large centre of his torso that’s usually wider than the hips.

You’ll look best in: Raglans and vertical striped or all-over repeat print t-shirts.

Why: Raglan t-shirts or baseball tees have contrast sleeves that cut diagonally at your shoulders and chest — this helps draw the attention away from your problem areas and gives off the illusion of a faux athletic frame.

Additionally, look for t-shirts with vertical stripes or lengthening prints rather than the bolder graphic versions, as the latter tends to accentuate an already large body.

WM Tip: T-shirts should finish below your waist, as anything shorter can appear unflattering.

The lean mean machine

Your body: Men with a leaner built usually have a tall and thin frame. Their shoulders are roughly the same width as their waist and hips.

You’ll look best in: Crew neck T’s and Breton stripes.

Why: If you have a narrow upper torso or sloped shoulders, a crew neck will probably suit you best as they create the illusion of squared-off shoulders, helping you appear broader and better proportioned. In addition, this neckline provides balance to those men with longer necks or narrow face shapes. Feel free to opt for bold prints on crew-neck T’s especially if they fan-out at the shoulders.

Breton stripes give off an extremely chic yet nautical sailor boy appeal whilst also helping you appear wide and buff.

WM Tip: Solid V-necks are great but can make your lean body appear even slimmer — opt for bolder prints in V-neck versions for a visually bulkier look.

The gym junkie

Your body: All those hard-hitting training sessions have resulted into a well-developed chest and shoulders that are significantly broader in comparison to your waist and hips. You probably boast of accentuated shoulders and great V-cut abs (in which case — um, wow!).

You’ll look best in: V-neck t-shirts and colour blocked polo shirts.

Why: V neck Tee’s with prints around the waist are great for lengthening your upper torso and drawing attention towards your super fit waist. It also tends to have a narrowing effect on your chest and draws the eye down and away from the broadest part of your upper torso.

Polo shirts with contrast details are great, especially when they have contrast ribbed sleeves that hit at the mid-bicep to help flaunt those muscles.

WM Tip: Please stay away from plunging V-neck t-shirts. While it’s acceptable to show off a great bod, there’s just something downright creepy about a man who wants to show his cleavage.

In addition to all the aforementioned tips, the right t-shirt must also hug the body in the right places, have some breathing space and hang well to make it figure-forgiving. Rest assured, you won’t be confused with your t-shirt buying dilemmas anytime soon.