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The Art Of Rolling

The Art Of Rolling

   VR Kiran

Sit down, relax and roll back your….wait that’s what we’re here to show you. This is the quickest way to alter your look and you don’t even have to make any additions in clothing or accessory.

Basics First

This is the most basic form of rolling up your pants. Start by placing a finger or two on the hem of your pant, take the excess and fold it on to one side. While holding this folded excess in place, roll up your pant once. The part of the hem that you folded to the side acts like a lock, securing your bottoms in place.

Your pant is now ankle length. Add an extra roll for good luck. Now no external force on this planet can unfold your pants.

Voila! Your first look is complete. This will especially come in handy during the wet long months of monsoon.

Steal Thy Hair-tie

You will now learn the value of a hair-tie. Put your feet through it without snapping it. You shall get no second chance if you mess this up, because nobody has extra hair-ties! Place the hair-tie at a height suitable to you. Now, fold up the part of the jeans below the band. Try to keep the fold as big as possible.

A big first fold, leaves space for a second fold to take place. Next step is to fold the folded part in half. The rubber band will keep this rolled up for eternity.

Cuff At The Elbow

Historically, men would roll back their sleeves if they were preparing for a fight or getting down to business. Well, whatever be your occasion, if you’re rolling ’em back, then roll it right. How about having your stiff cuff at the elbow instead of the wrist. Nope, no cutting or sewing. Unbutton the cuff and roll up your sleeves almost into half. Maintain the fold just below your elbow.

Now roll the remaining part to meet the bottom of the cuff. The final step would be to turn down the cuff. Your elbow cuff is now ready. Try this with a shirt which has the cuff in a different colour.

T-shirt Roll Up

T-shirts are relatively more difficult to roll since its material is not as stiff as that of a shirt. First, pull your sleeve till the elbow.

Next roll it up to your desired length. Two’s the charm here. A single roll can easily get unfolded whereas two folds will keep it in place.

The Master Roll

The hot summers have already arrived. We push back our sleeves as we sit down to work but this can end up looking rather messy. Your crisp ironed shirt deserves more respect than that. This is a classic shirt roll that every guy should know. Unbutton the cuff and roll up your sleeves beyond your elbows.

While making the second roll you could either cover or reveal a part of the cuff, whichever suits your style. Also it can be unfolded in the blink of an eye, isn’t that perfect?