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The Balancing Act: Pants, Shoes And Socks

The Balancing Act: Pants, Shoes And Socks

We’re not asking you to delve into details or give too much thought about what you’re going to wear every day. However, what we are asking of you is to just master a few hacks to ‘up’ your dressing game. We understand Monday mornings can be hectic and we also understand Sunday brunches can be a bore sometimes but, dressing up is key to feeling good and that’s where we come into play. Pairing your pants with the correct pair of socks and shoes can be a daunting task but it must get done. Here are a few basic tips that you can safely incorporate and worry not, they’re fool proof!

Plain Formals

A formal outfit takes many elements to make and works well only if all the parts gel with each other. Formal pants shouldn’t have more than half a break at the bottom and should primarily be paired with formal shoes like Oxfords and brogues. Socks you ask? Printed and plain socks pair well with either pair of shoes. Try pairing the colour of your socks with the colour of your shirt to be safe. Also, for those looking to add visual height, pair your socks with the colour of your pant to make it look like an extension of it.

Printed and Textured Formals

Adding texture and print can go a long way when it comes to making an outfit work. When we talk of printed pants and textures like corduroy and woollens to name a few, the shoes that safely go with the same are usually brogues and loafers. Typically when pairing a pant with brogues, make sure that the pant has half a break while has none at all when pairing with loafers. Plain socks that match the shirt can be paired with Brogues and always make sure to wear solely loafer socks with loafers. That’s what they’re for, aren’t they?


Denims are easy to pair but, when in doubt stick to a pair of sneakers or brogues. Make sure though that there is a clear difference between the brogues you pair here and those you pair formally. The ones you pair here could be semi-formal like that of suede and PVC. When pairing with sneakers make sure your denim bottoms have folds while they have half a break when paired with the brogues. Be bold and wear coloured socks with your sneakers, show them off slightly too and pair plain ankle-socks with your brogues.