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Fashion Recommendations Built Around Your Closet

The Fleecy-Ethnic Fusion!

The Fleecy-Ethnic Fusion!

Winter is that glorious time of the year when you revive your all warm clothes that are rather piled up at a secluded corner of your wardrobe. The shuddery chills of the season brings out the zippy side in you. Knits become your best friends as your body craves for warmth. Sleeves roll down in anticipation.

While most girls prefer wearing jeans or long silhouettes to escape the cold, the desi girls aren’t left with so many options. ‘How would a Salwar Kameez dress go with a jacket?’ or ‘Won’t it look funny wearing a beanie hat on a Saree’ are some queries bound to create confusion in the minds of girls for whom traditional wear is routine. So does that mean those pretty sweaters are going back to the trunk? Not a chance!

Worry not, we bring solutions to all your unanswered questions, for most of these combinations are not only a style guide for your garb but are also the funkiest trends in the world of fashion in recent times!

Suit up with this article and learn how to pair your winter wear with your regular ethnic outfits!

1. Soulful Sweaters

What’s in winter without doing sweaters?

When you think of winters, your favourite sweater should immediately pop on in your thoughts. High-neck, fitted knit tops, turtlenecks and shift sweater dresses to name a few. And how do you pair them with Indian outfits?

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WM Tip: You can put your sweaters to work by tucking them in your colourful bottom wears, looking distinctly attractive at the same time.

2. Jolly Jackets

Jackets are certainly the cherry on the cake of the wintery weather. They are the trademark of extravagance and daintiness. No matter what you wear them with, they always appear classy and manic! If you’re wondering that it is practically inappropriate to wear jackets paired with desi outfits, think twice.

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WM tip– If you are all traditional and want to avoid the Indo-western fusion, invest in linen material nehru jackets with threadwork in the front bodice and detailed collars. Keep them up to the length of your waistline and play with silhouettes.

3. Cozy Coats

When the blue sky turns grey, the need for more and more layer is naturally realized. As much as we don’t want to, we have to get used to these essential cover-ups and throw them on, abandoning our fashion sense. But not anymore! The season’s come forward with a variety of chic coats, which, when drawn correctly with your desi wear, keep the looks as pep as they were in summer. Only with a few tweaks, you can easily stand out from the rest.

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WM tip– Adorn yourself with just the correct amount of accessories so that they don’t appear over-the-top. Keep it simple yet elegant!

4. Fuzzy Thermals

How about beating the cold without the knowledge of a single soul! Thermals to your rescue!

Everyone of us own a pair of their favourite outfits that we don’t wish to ruin with winter pieces. Like, your first saree for which you undertook so much efforts to get designed. They only way we can honor our favourite clothes without casting a shadow on them is by wearing a pair of thermals underneath!

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5. Shawl and Scarves!

Nothing comforts better than a snuggly shawl in the chill!

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WM tip– If you miss your shawl while wearing a saree, don’t let the pallu go! Drape it across your neck like a scarf and boost your artsy quotient!

Be it any time of the year, scarves are always welcomed! For a guide to choosing scarves and how to drape them, head over to our article ‘Scarf Craft

Being warm and at ease is imperative in winter. So no more freezing your body by giving up winter-wear in the name of style! Jazz your desi outfits with the thermals and look chic! This windy season, don’t follow trends; create your own fashion statements instead!