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5 Easy Yet Stylish Ways To Nail Androgynous Dressing

5 Easy Yet Stylish Ways To Nail Androgynous Dressing

Girls who have a feisty personality don’t wake up with perfect hair nor are they afraid to break a nail. The most thrilling part of this whole experience is that they cross dress and still manage to look appealing.

Being a tomboy is much more than video games or showing off bruises. Strike a style statement by putting together what you might already have in your wardrobe and just a touch of the ‘girly’ vibe to add some taste.

Slay with Sweatshirts

Minimalism is beauty. A slouchy graphic sweatshirt over a pair of the loosest shorts you can find will be just great to start with. You can wear converse shoes with long striped socks for the cute feature. If shorts aren’t on your list then go for cropped boyfriend jeans because sweatshirts can be paired with almost anything. Carry a sling bag for the most nonchalant yet classy looks. Do not forget to wear a baseball cap, your crown of all times.

Jazz up with Jerseys

If you think jerseys only belong to the confines of the basketball court, think again. No tomboy is complete without a jersey. You can either choose to wear a camisole or a full-sleeved inner beneath it and team it up with a variety of bottoms like tights, printed pants or even distressed jeans. Also, jerseys do not always mean top wear, you can tug down at the hems and wear oversized jerseys as dresses which is just as flattering. For this outfit, bring the heels in and add to the drama! Otherwise funky sports shoes are a forever! How about a sweat band on the wrist too?

Flaunt those Flannels

If there is that one piece which you can make into hundreds of different outfits with its simplicity and elegance kept intact, it will be your flannel. Here, you can play with textures, be it monochromes or plaids. Wear it over a tank top or even layer it over a vest for that extra refined silhouette. You can tie the open ends of your outerwear together for a gutsy appearance. Bottoms can be chosen as per your convenience, though narrow jeans look the best. For footwear, oxford shoes or booties should be your pick.

Another classy ensemble is a plaid shirt with braced pants having thin suspenders. This is an absolutely captivating choice of clothes and not very difficult to gather. Wearing colourful heels will further add to the dazzle. A floppy hat that matches your suspenders can be the most extravagant accessory ever in this case. Carry a dark messenger bag for this official outfit feel.

Go Bomber, Go Bolero

Jackets are an instant way to go from boring to bold. While bolero jackets look amazing with distressed jeans, bomber jackets can be thrown over floral dresses to conjure up a manly edge to a dainty outfit. These jackets tend to go a lot with all kinds of prints. Layers like denim jackets are in a vogue, too. A chunky watch and a sporty backpack would sum up your attire. Don a pair of wayfarer sunglasses for the boyish swag you want to exhibit. Your feet essentials are lace-ups and loafers that will suit up with any outfit you style.

Dunk in Dungarees

Wondering what’s the most upscale way to look like a tomboy? Well, Dungarees! Doll up with denim dungarees, under which you can choose to wear either a crop top or a sweatshirt. Do not shy away from skirt dungarees too, they bring out the ladylike side in you while you look as gallant as you want. And the staple shoe charm that will go along all your tomboyish pieces is a pair of white sneakers. You just can’t do away without them! Pilot glasses or Aviators for the eyes and tan satchels must be your fundamental accessories.