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The Most Wearable Trends From Fall ’17 Men’s Fashion Week

The Most Wearable Trends From Fall ’17 Men’s Fashion Week

The fashion week calendar has already begun and first in line was none other than the men’s fashion week providing us with some serious wardrobe inspiration! Check out our top trend takeaways from fashion week that weathered the storm in style. Transitional pieces, covetable yet wearable, WM brings you all the designer craze that could actually make it to your closet this year.

Prim and Preppy

Think Harvard, Yale and Princeton — Ivy League education and the strait-laced style that comes with it. Granted, we’ve all seen dreams of attending these top tier universities ever since we laid eyes on them through American television, but just in case those dreams aren’t materialising, dressing up like they are surely doesn’t hurt. Especially when the preppy style associated with Ivy League students is just so covetable! Designers brought on nerdy in the most suave way this season — think more Nate Archibald less Rajesh Koothrappali.

Bring on your sweater vests, shirts under sweat shirts, red and blue ties, blazers and your stripe-worthy shirts to the occasion. Preppy style speaks volumes in all types of plaid and its counterparts — consider adding houndstooth checks, ginghams, flannel and argyle checkered patterns to your wardrobe.

WM Tip: If sweater vests aren’t your style then opt for navy blue or oxblood cardigans and blanket scarves with a plaid pattern.

Collegiate Cool

If preppy is one side of the spectrum when it comes  to university style, then young, fresh and rebellious is certainly waiting on the other end. It seems as though designers approached the college crowd in all its cult-forms — move over nerdy-preppy, we’re looking at the cool jocks and rebellious punks for this trend.

Think Channing Tatum from the first Step Up movie or just about any of the football jocks from American cinema. Bombers, denim and Varsity jackets were in full bloom on the runways this season decked up with funky patches. There’s also an element of thrift-shop cool with a streetwear edge as the core components are items that you probably already own: a varsity jacket, a sweatshirt and gleaming white sneakers.

Go layer-happy with your key street pieces but remember to keep the weather in-check before you style yourself crazy.

WM Tip: For the DIY soul in you, iron-on patches can be brought off the internet in case you already own a plain baseball jacket. If not, luckily for you patches on jackets are trending and available on most online shopping portals these days.

Hip-hop Gangsta

Basketball hoodies, graphic logos, sweatshirts, anti-fit volume and a whole lotta attitude just about sums up this look. Consider letting Eminem, Jay-Z and some Dr. Dre accompany your track list when scouring through your wardrobe to look for gangsta style.

As if sports luxe wasn’t already having its moment with white sneakers, hip-hop has had an update this season, and they all look like they’ve popped out of a Justin Bieber music video — in the best way possible.

Stick to cool hoodies and printed bombers to amp-up your casual denim and t-shirt style this season, and don’t be afraid to opt for any other sneaker that isn’t white.

WM Tip: Go easy when it comes to the hip-hop trend, less is more, play up two elements — one of them being footwear alone and either a jacket or a pair of comfy joggers to do the talking for you. Leave the rest of it plain with neutral casuals else you’ll end up looking like you’re about to star in yet another Step Up sequel.

Darkly Does It

Designers took a page out of Gothic literature for fall season with dark elements, a hint of punk and just the right amount of goth.

Think leather and velvet, not the two together, but as separates — leather jackets may already exist in your wardrobe but the best way to add the latter is by getting a dark coloured velvet bandhgala that works wonders for indo-western wedding wear and can look really suave when worn.

Gothic elements shouldn’t be hard for men to add to their wardrobes, just remember to keep it subtle and elegant.

WM Tip: If all-out goth isn’t your cup of tea then look towards subtle accessories in the form of skull cuff links, lapel pins that have a rusted appeal and dark neck chiefs or pocket squares.

Tailored to Perfection

There’s nothing we love more than a well-fitted, suit-ed up man — one the simplest ways to incorporate this is by getting your clothes customized and tailored to fit rather than off-the-rack ill fitted pieces.

Nothing says haute like perfectly hemmed trousers that cut-off at the ankle and jackets that fit like a dream. Know your jacket type — try on one-button and two-button styles to know what fits you best. If you dare, don’t skip the double-breasted versions, as they’re the most stylish of them all.

Consider taking style notes from Mr. Grey from Fifty Shades Darker when it’s out next month — there’s a reason why so many women yearn for him and it’s got a lot to do with what he wears than when he isn’t wearing anything.
WM Tip: Tailored perfection is all about separates, think crisp white shirts solely with trousers or a one-button blazer with jeans.