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The Perfect Outfit For Your Dream Job Interview

The Perfect Outfit For Your Dream Job Interview

Let’s be honest here – dressing well is no alternative for a good resume but even then, the perks of dressing well for a job interview are huge! If accompanied with a confident resume, an appropriate outfit can take you places and team WODROB is here to show you how!

It’s always important to dress according to the industry you’re applying for. While some industries require a more conservative dress code, some are more relaxed and prefer their staff to be comfortable. And in this day and age where job avenues are almost unlimited and there’s no end to the kind of job openings that we see, it is vital to know what works for your industry and what doesn’t. A blazer? Okay, which colour? High heels? WM is here to answer all these questions for your job interview to go smooth and remember, it’s always best to step out with your best foot forward; in this case, it’s the perfect job interview outfit!


Anything from an engineer to a coder to a content strategist falls into this category. The thing about this industry is that because most people enter into start-ups right after college, the job interviews have a very youthful atmosphere, which means if you don’t dress right, you can easily feel overdressed. To solve this issue, try and keep one piece of clothing in your outfit formal, while keeping the rest casual. This will balance out your outfit and make you look a step above your contemporaries, while not making you seem out of place.

Opt for dark denims that end at your ankles with a tucked in blouse that you can pair with low heels or flats. Alternatively, you can also go for a pencil skirt with a top of your liking and a blazer that fits you well. In both cases, you’re pairing formal with casual, which is just the look you want.

For eyewear, you can go for something that’s quirky while still having a classic edge to it. Not only will this spruce up your entire look, but also add a whole new dimension to it.

WM Tip: Do NOT wear a suit to a job interview in this industry. You’ll not only be severely over-dressed, but you’d also appear like you’re looking for a different environment, and the company might feel like they can’t offer you what you’re looking for.


Anything from banking to research analyst to consulting falls into this category.  Understand that the finance industry is extremely clear-cut and precise. In terms of job interviews too, their expectations haven’t changed. To get the right look, you need to appear professional and not a hair should be out of place. Conservative is definitely the way to go.

Opt for a dark, two-piece pantsuit or a skirt-suit. Wear a light coloured blouse on the inside to soften your look and make sure everything is appropriate for the workplace. Your pants should be well-fitted and your skirts should be knee-length or below.

Your eyewear should match your look, so conservative and sleek is the way to go if you choose to opt for glasses.

WM Tip: There are certain things you should avoid – extremely high heels, brightly coloured or patterned tights and low-cut blouses. These do not scream professional and are definitely a no-no.


Anything from a law firm to marketing to public relations falls into this category. For this industry, you always need to look put-together and well groomed. A nice blazer is a must. You can pair it with almost everything and turn your look around. Try and keep your colours on the conservative and neutral side – they will make an impression on your client. Keep it classy and make sure you’re not wearing anything that’s too distracting. Your work should speak for itself.

Pair the blazer with a well-tailored pair of trousers and closed-toe heels, and you’ll be good to go.

For the eyes, keep it relatable yet professional. So although you can experiment, make sure you don’t go too far with your eyewear. You can’t be distracting, remember?

WM Tip:  Remember that you need to look authoritative and capable of handling any crisis that falls your way. Avoid very loud prints, anything sheer or low-cut and loud make-up. Do not flash designer brands on your interviewer’s face. You don’t want to look flashy.


Anything from fashion editor to stylist to assistant falls into this category. A very important thing to keep in mind while choosing an outfit is that you should dress according to the aesthetics of the brand you’re trying for.  Know what the brand stands for and what it aims to do. Just because you’re aiming for a fashion-related job, doesn’t mean you turn up in a super edgy or trendy look. You want your interviewer to think of you as trust-worthy, competent and reliable, and not flashy or too forward.

Keep your clothes simple. A pencil skirt with a tucked in blouse would be a great idea. Play with the accessories and keep them stylish. A nice pair of heels, quirky jewellery or a statement bag are all the ingredients you need to make an impression.

When it comes to eyewear, you can definitely experiment in this arena. It would be fun to spruce up a regular outfit with something quirky or colourful on the eyes.

WM Tip: Invest in some quality basics that you’ll keep requiring throughout the year. Regardless of which industry you’re applying for, this is a must-know tip. Rather than having to buy something new each time an event pops up, all you’ll have to do is pay the dry-cleaning bill.